Bitten 2

Bitten 2 by A.J. Colby Read Free Book Online

Book: Bitten 2 by A.J. Colby Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.J. Colby
Tags: Urban Fantasy, Vampires, Werewolves
work for Cordova.
    A widening of her eyes was all the sign Cordova’s receptionist gave at our unannounced arrival, and in a flash she had risen from her seat and come around the desk.
    “Is everything alright?”
    “These two decided to have a little party and didn’t think to invite me,” Chuckles replied with a wide grin that conjured up thoughts of a shark and made me infinitely glad that I wasn’t on the receiving end.
    Noticing the awkward way I cradled my still numb arm, she asked, “Are you alright, Ms. Cray? Should I call you a doctor?”
    “I’ll be fine,” I assured her, trying to wiggle my fingers, and breathing a large sigh of relief when they gave a small twitch in response.
    At least there’s no permanent damage.
    “You’re sure?”
    “Yeah, it’s fine. But thanks...” I said, letting my words trail off questioningly.
    “Katarina,” she supplied with a smile and small bob. “Can I fetch you some coffee?” she added, uttering the magic words.
    Nodding, I slumped down onto the couch while the Idiot Twins remained standing. It was clear from the expressions on their faces that they were trying to stay as far away from me as possible while also avoiding the imposing bald vamp. The reception area just wasn’t that big, leaving the Twins to shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other.
    As Katarina tottered away to call the police, I let my head fall back against the back of the couch and closed my eyes. I could feel Baseball Cap and his buddy glaring at me but ignored them in favor of concentrating on the backs of my eyelids and taking slow, even breaths. After Chuckles had come to my rescue like some undead white knight, a headache had begun to bloom behind my eyes, and the relentless, pounding music of the club had intensified the sensation of white hot needles being driven into my temples.
    At the sound of footsteps, I cracked my eyes open to watch Katarina approach, carrying the red and black tray once again. The only upside to the whole mess I found myself in was the chance to have another cup of the heavenly coffee.
    Maybe Cordova would give me a bag or two as hazard pay.
    Bending over to allow me to doctor the steaming cup with cream and sugar, she cast a disgusted look at the Idiot Twins. “Perhaps you would prefer to wait for the police in Mr. Cordova’s office?”
    Glancing up at the closed doors, my curiosity was piqued by the chance to do a little snooping. If I was going to be putting my life in danger for him, I sure as hell was going to learn as much about him as I could.
    Cradling my cup with my good hand, I lifted my shoulders in a brief shrug, hoping that my eagerness wasn’t too obvious. “Sure.”
    Treating our reluctant guests to a disapproving look that would have made lesser men quail in fear, Katarina turned and led me to the master vamp’s office, opening the double doors with a graceful flourish. Once I had settled myself in the same chair as earlier, she dipped into another bob and backed out of the room, closing the doors behind her to leave me alone. I wasn’t sure where Cordova and his Day Servant had slunk off to, but I relished the solitude of the empty office.
    Taking a sip of my coffee, I savored the rich taste for a moment and relaxed my stiff shoulders a fraction as the caffeine began to ease the throbbing behind my eyes. Not wanting to waste my chance to snoop unobserved, I set my cup on the edge of the desk and rose to my feet. A cursory survey of Cordova’s desk turned up nothing of interest, the desktop almost completely devoid of clutter beyond an old fashioned rolodex, leather trimmed ink blotter, and a dagger that probably doubled as a letter opener. The drawers were, unsurprisingly, locked and seeing as I didn’t feel like delving into breaking and entering just yet, I quickly moved on.
    I was reaching for the handle of a file cabinet in the corner of the room when I picked up the sound of approaching footsteps on the other side of the door.

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