Bitten: Dominated By His Inner Beast

Bitten: Dominated By His Inner Beast by Natalie Thorns Read Free Book Online

Book: Bitten: Dominated By His Inner Beast by Natalie Thorns Read Free Book Online
Authors: Natalie Thorns
    “It pumped me full of venom—You know what that does.
Stop fucking around. I’m already feeling strong… fast.”
Seth’s eyes moved to hers through the mirror, his expression
intense. “I can smell so much, Lexa. I can hear your fucking
heart beating. I can feel the heat of you, the pulse of your blood
running through your veins.”
    “As long as it stays in my veins, it’s fine, dumbass,”
she whispered, trying to stay steady under his glare. It was like he
could see right into her and for the first time she was feeling
nervous around him for reasons beyond her crush.
    “What’s wrong with your stomach?” Seth suddenly
asked, his eyes moving down her form. “I can feel it—Something
is emanating from there.”
    Blinking, Alexa looked down. “I’m not fucking pregnant
if that’s what you’re getting at.” She pressed her
underwear down, biting her lip when the top of her tattoo came into
view. “Uh, fuck, you weren’t supposed to see that,”
she whispered, wincing as she looked up.
    “You got a tattoo? Without me?”
    Shrugging awkwardly, she took a step back, not really looking to
have an argument in the cramped bathroom. “What, I was supposed
to invite you along?”
    Frowning, Seth turned, following her slowly, still favoring his
leg as he leaned in the doorway. “We promised, Lexa. We’d
get our first tattoos together.”
    Alexa sighed, guilt twisting in her stomach. “What did you
want me to do, Seth? I couldn’t even talk to you because of
her. I was supposed to just drop by and say ‘hey, come get a
fucking tattoo with me?’ Things were strained enough.”
    “What are you talking about? Did Chloe say something to
you?” He asked, suddenly looking angry.
    She just shook her head. “She didn’t have to say
anything. I’m not a fucking idiot, man. Girls hate me,
especially girls that are dating you. They can’t help being
jealous—I’m just trying to do my best to not fuck things
up for you.”
    Seth’s brows furrowed and he sighed heavily. “I
thought I had hidden it better from you. I didn’t want you
getting upset—It’s not your fault, Lexa.”
    Alexa shrugged, swallowing when Seth’s hand reached out, his
finger teasing into the waistband of her panties. She was immediately
hot, instantly wet and hyper aware of him standing so close to her,
and she hated that she had no control to her reaction.
    “Can I see it?”
    Blushing, she nodded, holding herself still when he took both
hands and slowly rolled the material down, his hot hands brushing her
flesh and sending sparks through her.
    “It’s nice… really nice.” Seth breathed
deep, his nostrils flaring, and with a flush, Alexa realized he was
smelling her. More specifically, the wetness that had built between
her thighs from the simple touch of his hands on her. Her pussy
tightening, she met his gaze, part of her hoping he wouldn’t
understand. She had never intentionally gotten between him and his
girlfriends but having to explain that fact felt like the point of
destroying their friendship completely. It was just a crush. One that
would eventually pass. She was pretty sure if she ignored it long
enough, it would pass.
    “Seth,” Alexa gasped, her hand flying to his wrist
when he suddenly reached lower, his fingertips trailing fire over her
mound and dragging at the edge of her lips. “W-What are you…?”
She stared wide eyed as he lifted his hand, bringing two damp fingers
to his nose and breathing deeply.
    “Fuck, Lexa… You smell so good,” he said with a
moan, his eyes closed as he breathed in again.
    “I smell the same I always do. It’s the venom,”
she reminded shakily, watching as his tongue slipped out and he
licked his fingers slowly, starting from the base and moving to the
tips. She took a tentative step back but Seth’s other hand
tightened on her hip, holding her in place. “Seth, you’re
not… you’re not yourself,” she whispered even as
desire rose up in her.

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