Black Seduction

Black Seduction by Lorie O'Clare Read Free Book Online

Book: Black Seduction by Lorie O'Clare Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lorie O'Clare
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance, Paranormal
cracked her passwords.” The sparks in Ran’s eyes
over his excitement made them appear like rare gems. “Again thanks to Angela
offering personal information about her littermate until we came up with the
right combination. The forum offered the most information and was the hardest
to break into. The stuff on here is enough to make a male want to curl his tail
between his legs.”
    For the first time she could remember, Ran’s expression grew
sober. His excited smile faded and his eyes darkened, almost dulling as he
stared at his oldest littermate before lowering his gaze and meeting hers
    “Seven males left Colony last week. Five of them returned,
which according to the posts here was a tremendous success.”
    “What did they do?” Rafe asked.
    “They ran to different locations. Each one of them was
assigned a target to eliminate. All targets were successfully terminated, and
all money paid for services was transferred into a house account. Apparently
though, two of the males were killed while eliminating their targets. It
doesn’t offer details.” He turned his attention to the laptop and pulled open
what looked like an invoice. He tapped the screen with his finger.
    “What the hell is it?” Raul moved next to Angela and leaned
against the table where Ran worked.
    “It’s an invoice for ten thousand dollars,” Rafe hissed
through his teeth, his fists hitting the table on the other side of Ran. “And
it appears to be for the use of Miguel Kalusian. Airfare expenses are also
included. Looks like he flew to Washington. They don’t even allow jaguars to
run to their kill but put them in airplanes, human flying cages,” he snarled,
looking as if the change would consume him any moment.
    “Ten thousand dollars.” Raul made the words sound like
profanity. He straightened, combing his hair with his fingers while his face turned
into hard angles of outrage. “Print that for me and anything else you find on
there. That bitch is selling us out. And I doubt it’s for new fucking roads or
schools for our cubs.”
    “I can print all of this, but there’s more. Five more males
left today. Apparently as soon as the kill is confirmed, money will deposit
into this house account,” Ran said, sliding out of his chair and taking the
laptop with him.
    “An account that I’m sure my littermate has access to,”
Angela grumbled out loud, despising what her sister was doing to their kind.
    Someone pounded on the front door and Angela jumped, the
small hairs on the back of her neck quickly standing to attention while her
teeth extended slightly. Sharp sparks shot down her spine, the change demanding
its right to come forth and protect her and those around her. She pressed her
lips over her teeth, watching warily while Raul moved to the door.
    He turned to Ran. “Go hide the laptop. We won’t mention what
we’ve learned so far.” Glancing at her while whoever stood on the other side of
the door pounded again, Raul didn’t flinch but turned his attention to Rafe.
“Take Angela back to my room for right now,” he ordered sharply.
    “If I’m a secret within your litter, then I’m leaving,” she
growled, glaring at his dark, intimidating expression.
    Raul only took a moment to stare her down, but then turned
without further comment and pulled open the door. Rafe stepped in front of her
but she quickly moved to his side.
    “Why did it take you so long to answer the door?” Devon Romero
practically filled the doorway as he glowered at Raul.
    “I wasn’t in a hurry to have company.” Raul matched the
hostile growl, his vocal inflection changing slightly with his last words.
Obviously keeping the change under wraps proved a slight effort for him too.
    Devon looked past Raul and his lips parted when he pierced
Angela with a nasty sneer. “What the fuck are you doing here?” he growled. His
anger was so thick, cutting it with a knife would only increase its foul
    “Someone’s tapped into a

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