Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill Read Free Book Online

Book: Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jeremy Scahill
    Powell, Tom
    Predator spy drone
    Presidential Airways
    See also Blackwater Aviation; see Blackwater sixty61 plane crash
    Price, Jay
    Priest, Dana
    Prince, Edgar
    Prince, Elsa Zwiep (later Broekhuizen)
    Prince, Erik
    and Apramoff lobbying scandal
    and Blackwater operations, policies
    and Bush administration
    on Caspian project
    and Chuck Colson
    and CIA
    on Cofer Black
    at congressional hearings
    on Constitutional oath
    on contractor brigade concept
    explores new markets
    and Fallujah ambush
    on independent army concept
    and Iraqi victims’ lawyers
    on Jordan counterterrorism training
    and Joseph Schmitz
    on mercenaries in U.S. history
    on New Orleans operations
    9/11 statements
    on Nisour Square shooting
    and recruitment of Chilean commandos
    Prince, Joan Nicole
    Prince, Joanna
    Prince, Peter
    Prince Corporation
    The Prince Group
    Prison Fellowship
    Prisoner transport. See Renditions of prisoners
    Private army
    Private Security Company Association of Iraq
    Private security forces
    appointed to guard Bremer
    deploy into Iraq in thousands
    and lack of consequences for lethal actions
    See also Mercenaries, mercenary industry; Security contractors
    Privatization of Iraq’s oil industry by Bremer
    Privatization of military and government services
    as bipartisan
    under Cheney
    expansion of
    expenditures to U.S. government
    mercenaries benefit from increases
    under Rumsfeld
    See also Outsourcing; Privatized war
    Privatized war
    effects of 9/11 attacks
    escalation of violence tied to profits
    and private army concept
    Rumsfeld Doctrine
    War Crimes Act prosecution
    See also Privatization of military and government services
    Prohibition of Mercenary Activities Act (South Africa)
    Project for a New American Century (PNAC)
    Propaganda war
    See also Sovereignty handover
    Prothero, P. Mitchell
    Psychological warfare
    Public Citizen
    Pybus, Sean

    Quadrennial Defense Review (Pentagon)
    Quick Reaction Force
    Quinn, F. Patrick

    R U Ready High School training at Moyock
    Radyuhin, Vladimir
    Rahman, Hussam Abdul
    Ramirez Sanchez, Ilich (Carlos the Jackal)
    Ramos, Daniel
    Rangers, former
    Ratner, Michael
    on Nisour Square shooting
    on use of paramilitary in natural disasters
    Razzaq, Ali
    Razzaq, Mohammed Abdul
    Reagan, Ronald
    Rebranding campaigns
    of Blackwater as peacekeepers
    of Greystone Ltd.
    of mercenaries as legitimate, acceptable
    of mercenary as term
    Rebuilding America’s Defenses (PNAC)
    Red Tactica
    Reed, Jack
    Reeder, Edward
    Reeves, Phil
    Regency Hotel and Hospital Company (Kuwait)
    Reid, Richard
    Reilly, Robert
    Reiss, James
    Religious right. See Christian conservative movement
    The Religious Right in Michigan Politics (Bellant)
    Rendition Group of CTC
    Renditions of prisoners
    by Blackwater
    CIA program
    by Cofer Black’s operations
    to Guantánamo Bay
    by private aviation companies
    to Uzbekistan
    Republican Party
    See also Neoconservative movement
    Republican Revolution (1994)
    Rhyne, Jim
    Rice, Condoleezza
    Ricks, Thomas
    Ritter, Scott
    Rivas, John
    Roberts, John
    Robertson, Pat
    Rochambeau, Jean Baptiste
    Roche, James
    Roe v. Wade
    Rogers, Mike
    Rohrabacher, Dana
    Romm, William
    Root, Elihu
    Rowe, Melvin
    See also see Blackwater sixty61 plane crash
    Rubaie, Ahmed Hathem al-
    Rubaie, Jawad al-
    Rubaie, Mahasin al-
    Rubaie, Raad al-
    Rudy, Lisa
    Rudy, Tony
    Rules of engagement of U.S. military

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