Blade Song

Blade Song by J.C. Daniels Read Free Book Online

Book: Blade Song by J.C. Daniels Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.C. Daniels
you,” I finished. “I could have continued my happy little existence, none of you would know about me and my life would be so much easier. I’m still pissed off over that.”
    “Please do it.” Evangeline leaned against the blade, staring at me and for once, the smile on her face was echoed in her eyes. “I beg you. Draw my blood. Then I can convince my master what an utterly worthless use of space you are…I’ll kill you for attacking me and he won’t be terribly aggrieved.”
    I pressed harder with my knife, cocked my head as the tip came ever closer to breaking the skin. “Sugar…killing me won’t be as easy on you as you think. Jude could tear me apart…but you can’t.”
    A hard, brutal hand closed around my wrist.
    Damon jerked my hand down and shoved me back.
    “Leech-lover, go tell your master she’s working for the Queen of the Cats,” he said, sending me his infamous dark look. “She’s not available for anybody else at this time.”
    “Like hell.” The words popped out of my mouth before I could stop them.
    He ignored me as he wedged that wide, powerful body between me and Evangeline.
    Her eyes widened.
    She might not fear me—and that was really, really short-sighted of her, but Damon apparently worried her a little.
    “If he wants her, he’s going to have to get in line. She’s busy,” Damon murmured. He leaned in, crowding into her space.
    A human would have backed away.
    But a vampire’s servant was a different matter and Evangeline just stood there, even though something that might have been fear glittered in her eyes. “Is that a fact?”
    “Yeah. Why don’t you pass the message along?”
    “I’m afraid I’m not your errand girl, cat.” Turning on her heel, she walked away. “He’ll be in contact soon, Colbana. You don’t want to keep ignoring him. It won’t go well for you.”
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’d been getting variations of that for the past two or three years, ever since I’d decided that life was better without Jude in it. The first few years after I’d met him, I’d gone when he called, feeling like I owed him, but then I’d realized he was trying to put me on a chain. A pretty, polite one, but a chain nonetheless. I’d spent too much of my life caged and I wasn’t doing it anymore.
    There were times when circumstances jerked me back into his orbit, but usually I was able to stay away from him. I’d managed to avoid His Arrogance’s presence—in person—for going on seven months now. That wasn’t going to last much longer, but I also wasn’t terribly concerned he was going to go apeshit, either.
    He was having too much fun playing with me.
    Damon remained in front of me, blocking my view of the car until it rolled out of sight. Then he turned around, studying me with that odd look in his eyes. The one that made me think he was trying to decide if I’d be fun to eat or more fun to just slice to ribbons and play with.
    “I think I’ve seen five year olds with more sense than you,” he said flatly. “How in the world are you even still alive?”
    “Dumb luck?” I stepped back and nodded to the sword in his hand. “Are you going to lock that up or what?”
    He tossed it in. Shut the trunk and then he turned to me. “Put your hands on the damned trunk.”
    I cocked a brow at him. “Excuse me?”
    “You carry more firepower than a Banner extermination unit.”
    A Banner extermination unit—the slang term for the assassination units out of Bureau of American Non-Human Affairs—was a human group of killers. They went after the non-humans who were deemed too dangerous to exist.
    And no matter what, any kill made by the Banner unit was pretty much considered a ‘righteous’ kill. Thankfully, they weren’t used too often—we preferred to handle our problem children on our own. When they did go on a hunt, they went loaded for bear.
    I snorted and crossed my arms over my chest. “I hardly carry that many weapons.”
    “Sure. Now turn around and

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