Blake, Abby - Wild Fascination [A Bride for Eight Brothers 3] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)

Blake, Abby - Wild Fascination [A Bride for Eight Brothers 3] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever) by Abby Blake Read Free Book Online

Book: Blake, Abby - Wild Fascination [A Bride for Eight Brothers 3] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever) by Abby Blake Read Free Book Online
Authors: Abby Blake
included his brothers.” The bailiff handed the paperwork to the judge who looked through them without changing the expression on his face.
    Jessie Evans had arrived at the courthouse wearing a simple, yet elegant and obviously expensive, summer dress. She was the picture of sweet innocence, and it made Peter want to strangle the woman. Obviously he’d given her far more ammunition than he’d realized.
    It would’ve been difficult to sell the claim that Peter would fall for two such wildly different women, but by dressing in a similar fashion to Mikayla, Jessie had a much better chance.
    How the hell had he missed Jessie’s real personality? He’d once thought himself in love with the woman, but clearly the person she’d pretended to be was not the real person underneath. Peter clasped his hands together tightly, trying to still their shaking, as the judge turned to speak to Mikayla.
    “Mrs. Davidson,” he said in a kind voice. “Can you tell me the circumstances of your marriages? Where did you meet your husbands?”
    She explained in a clear and concise voice exactly the circumstances of their first meeting, holding her head high as she explained about the human trafficking ring and her brief time spent in the world of prostitution. She left nothing out, and he couldn’t have been more proud. Mikayla was one in a billion, and he’d thank every deity known to man for the rest of his life for bringing her to him.
    Peter glanced at the woman he would’ve married and frowned at the malicious smile on her face. It was the only hint he’d seen that the woman wasn’t quite as in control as she seemed. Surely the judge wouldn’t consider that smile sweet.
    “Why did you agree to marry all seven of the Davidson brothers?” the judge asked, seeming just a little perplexed that a woman could want so many husbands.
    “Because I love them,” she said simply. “And it’s eight brothers. I met Bryce a few months after I married Lachlan, Brock, John, Matt, Peter, Ryan, and Ty in a civil ceremony the last time we were on Earth. My marriage to Bryce was filed, witnessed, and approved via intergalactic channels several months ago.”
    “Who the fuck is Bryce?” The woman’s screech was so unexpected that Peter didn’t even realize it was Jessie’s voice until she jumped to her feet and screamed the question again. She looked like she intended to march up to where Mikayla sat and confront her nose to nose. Peter and his brothers were on their feet in an instant, but fortunately her lawyers and her father held her back. It didn’t stop her from hurling obscenities. “Can’t you tell the little whore is lying? Why would they even want that pathetic excuse for a woman as their wife? Let go of me!” she yelled at her father and pushed the man away. “She probably just gives them really good blow jobs.”
    “Ms. Evans!” the judge growled as he hit his gavel against the desk. “Counsel, control your client, or she will be removed from my courtroom.”
    The whole room had turned to watch Jessie throw her tantrum, but Peter’s eye were only for his wife. She gave him a soft smile and sat serenely while the courtroom exploded in movement. He could hear Jessie’s nasty words spewing from her mouth, but none of it meant a damn thing. Mikayla was his soul mate, his one true love, and he would cherish and protect her to his last breath.

    * * * *

    Mikayla couldn’t quite believe the relief coursing through her. Some of the accusations that had been pointed her way had been completely hideous and very untrue, yet others had hit just a little too close to home. Living in such isolated circumstances, she really hadn’t given much thought to how society would judge a woman with eight husbands. How ironic that the worst vitriol came from a woman wanting to steal seven of them from her.
    She watched, surprised and maybe a little concerned for the woman and her mental health. The way she seemed to have completely lost her

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