BLAKE: Captive to the Dark

BLAKE: Captive to the Dark by Alaska Angelini Read Free Book Online

Book: BLAKE: Captive to the Dark by Alaska Angelini Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alaska Angelini
help you?”
    Silence. My patience was running thin. If she needed help, she just needed to say it. Assuming she might was only making the line I walked even narrower. “Kaitlyn, I’m coming in. If you’re uneasy about me seeing you without clothes , I suggest you throw some on.”
    Before I could even finish , I was breaching the threshold. Kaitlyn was sitting on the floor, leaning against the glass shower door. Her legs were straight out in front of her, her head leaning to the side. I could see her eyes were open, but her breathing worried me. It has heavy, almost as if she were crying, or had been.
    “Talk to me.” I crouched before her, wanting to sweep her in my arms. Feeling helpless was not something I was good at.
    Shakily, her hand reached out to mine. “I thought I was going to be sick, but it went away. Maybe I should take that shower now that I’m not so cold.” The stare that was locked on mine glanced toward the mirror, but came back. “I just…saw…” Tears spilled over and she looked away. The pause of her hand rising told me she learned fast. I would have swatted it away again if she tried to hide herself from me.
    “I’m ruined,” she said, letting out a sob. “Only once did I see it before, but I didn’t get a good look. Only felt.” She reached to wipe away the tears when I stopped her. My lips were kissing them away before I could even think about what the fuck I was doing.
    Pressure gripping my hand ripped me out of the spell I was under. The darkness in me flirted along the edges and I wanted to destroy everything in my sight. Control was something I prized myself on. With her, I had none. And that was a scary thing. Not for me, but for her. My monster would devour her tiny body. Relish in all it could take. And he wouldn’t stop until he stripped her of everything she was able to give.
    “Shower.” I stood, turning the water lukewarm in deference to her fever. As I helped her stand, she clung to me. It was obvious her balance was off. “You need to drink more water. Let’s try to get you in and out as fast as possible.” My hands eased the jacket off and stopped at the bottom of her sweater. “Do you want me to close my eyes? I can still hold on. You don’t have to worry about falling.”
    “No?” Her eyes held mine, less bloodshot from the dropping fever. My hand itched to grip her throat and pull her mouth to mine. Was she intentionally goading me? Insinuating something about falling that had nothing to do with me dropping her? Yeah, she was. The last thing she wanted to do was show interest. If I knew she really wanted me, there was no getting away unless I granted the permission. With her, I doubted I’d ever let her escape. Then who’d be there to rescue her?

    Chapter 4
    Confused? Not my mind. My body on the other hand was torn between not feeling well and ready to devour the hot rescuer who kept trying to be a gentlemen. All I wanted to do was poke the animal in him with a stick to get a reaction. Damn, I was screwed up. It was there , though. I’d seen it up close and personal. What Blake held inside, I wanted a piece of. Not right now, but at some point. Yes. Even after everything I’d been through, my brain was still as one track minded as ever.
    The air that drifted over my stomach as Blake slowly pulled the sweater up gave me the chills. My jaw clenched against the need to let it chatter. The brush of his fingertips against my ribs battled with the bi-polar symptoms plaguing me. One minute I was hot, the next cold, and Mr. Hot Stuff wasn’t helping. Whether it was the fever or my arousal was beyond me.
    Static clung to my hair as he finished removing the garment. The tightness of my skin made my back ache as I brought my arms back down. A moan nearly escaped my mouth as my nipples tightened. Blake may have been staring at my face, but knowing he wanted to look was turning me on. Which was fucked up in itself. He just saved me from horrible

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