Blaze (The Stark Affair Book 3)

Blaze (The Stark Affair Book 3) by Skylar Cross Read Free Book Online

Book: Blaze (The Stark Affair Book 3) by Skylar Cross Read Free Book Online
Authors: Skylar Cross
so happy you're not one of them."
he kisses me passionately and we fall backwards looking up at the stars.




    It’s morning and I’m in
Colton Stark’s bed.
I knew when I rang his doorbell in my silly Forever 21 dress last night that I
would end up here. He bristles, but holds me tighter and strokes my hair.
looking at me, strumming his fingers on my shoulder.
staring into each other’s eyes.
this is too good.
go ahead,” he says, “you were saying.”
I’m no criminal.”
so much has happened since I made that statement about twelve hours ago.
made you say that?” he says.
know criminals. You’re not one of them.”
on, Detective Sergeant Martinez- Vallejos from Wynwood .”
look up into his eyes.
smiles. “What? You think I wouldn’t research the cop who’s investigating me?”
yeah? What have you learned about me?”
you have some profanity issues. Which I personally find endearing. You’ve been
on the force for seven years since graduating high school. Excellent
reputation, having been promoted to OCS.”
sit up on my elbow and stroke his chest with my right hand. “Anything else, Mr.
Playboy Billionaire?”
rest is purely observation. Quick-tempered, suspicious, stubborn, tough, and
some trust issues.”
break eye contact, looking out at the clear blue sky through his window behind
issues? What makes you say that?”
there’s a wall surrounding you. I’ve penetrated your body in the gym, on my
boat, and in my bed. But I can’t seem to get into that head. You don’t talk
turn onto my back and look up at the ceiling, putting my arm behind my head.
“No, I don’t.”
you may not realize is we’re much the same. I don’t trust most people either.
They lie, tell me what I want to hear, kiss my ass, deceive me, and use my name
in a very bad way.”
frowns and bites his lip. “Yeah, Stark.”
    I look
hard into his eyes. “Who’s using your name in a very bad way?”
already told you. Jasper van der Voort .”
really hate him, don’t you?”
as much as my father.” He laughs. “And on top of that, he’s a real sick fuck. I
recently learned some very bad things about him. But every day, I do something
very bad to him.”
grins and leaps up off the bed. He goes to his wardrobe and takes out a laptop,
plops onto the bed with it, and fires it up.
he says as he taps some keys. A series of eight narrow
windows open up. Each one looks like a bank account. “These are Stark
Worldwide accounts. I tap this key, and boom! Look at all the money move around.”
    “So let
me get this straight... what you’re doing right now is showing the undercover
police officer who’s investigating you how you commit your crime of stealing
millions from your own company.”
left something out. The police officer who I’ve fucked
hard without mercy.”
smile, lean forward, and kiss him. He softly bites my lower lip.
what do you do with the money you steal?”
not stealing it. It’s my company. It performs deeds in my good name. A thief is
a thief because he steals from others. I’m just taking money from accounts that
have my name, and by extension, my reputation all over them.”
reputation is important to you.”
it is. I admit, what I do is underhanded and deceitful. But it’s my money. And
my hands are tied.”
gets up and walks around the bed, staring out the window.
something else too,” he says. “I have a plan to take him down. And not just down,
but locked up permanently. It’s all on a flash drive.”
prop myself back up on the bed, looking at the back of his head and his strong
back muscles while listening intently.
you weren’t

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