Blind Attraction

Blind Attraction by A.C. Warneke Read Free Book Online

Book: Blind Attraction by A.C. Warneke Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.C. Warneke
Victoria grinned.
    “Oh, that’s the easy part,” Taylor brushed off Victoria’s comment as complete rubbish. Which, in Taylor’s case, it probably was. “Trying to get rid of them once they’ve become tedious is the hard part. And if you’ve slept with them? It’s nearly impossible.”
    Taylor didn’t live in the actual world, she lived in Taylor-land where the same rules didn’t seem to apply to her; something that always fascinated Victoria. Though Taylor wasn’t indiscriminate with bed partners by any means, she’d had several lovers and Victoria, being the best friend, always got the details, even when Taylor slept with Alex. The fact that it didn’t hurt nearly as much as it probably should have spoken volumes. In truth, Taylor saved her from making a huge mistake.
    “That’s why I don’t sleep with them,” Victoria said with a pretentious voice, tilting her nose in the air and lowering her eye lids. “They’re so very dreary when you no longer want them.”
    “You’re horrible,” Taylor laughed, playfully slapping Victoria’s arm. “Just watch; when your heart finally gets broken, whose shoulder will you be crying on?”
    Victoria gave a half-smirk, “Obviously yours. Though, I’m hoping it doesn’t happen.”
    “Of course not,” Taylor agreed, lowering her chin in deference. “I’m just saying….”
    “I know,” Victoria shook her head. As often as Taylor shared her troubles with her, Victoria never minded; she enjoyed listening to Taylor’s drama. She also never really reciprocated since she never really had relationship troubles; one had to be in a relationship for that to happen. Somehow, though, the thought of sharing intimate secrets regarding James seemed wrong. Was she a bad person because she didn’t want to dissect every aspect of her relationship with her best friend?
    “Do you have time to go shopping this afternoon?” Victoria asked after a few more minutes of teasing back and forth.
    “I always have time to go shopping, Vi,” Taylor grinned. “What do you need?”
    “I was hoping to find something to wear to this party,” Victoria was hesitant to enlist the aid of her friend. Even though Taylor had amazing style and impeccable taste, she also tended to have very expensive shopping habits. “I was hoping that we could hit the outlet mall and try to find something within my budget.”
    “I hate going to those stores,” Taylor cringed at the mere idea. “How about if I go to one of the little boutiques and pick something out for you – my treat.”
    “You’re far too generous, Tay, but I have to refuse,” Victoria half-smiled. “Now, if he were taking me to Milan for the weekend I might take you up on that offer.”
    “He’s taking you to Milan?” Taylor’s eyes widened in disbelief and excitement.
    “No,” Victoria said quickly, dashing Taylor’s hopes. “It was just a theoretical situation. No; we’re simply going to his company party.”
    “Oh,” Taylor sighed, her shoulders sagging with disappointment. “That’s too bad; if he was taking you to Milan for a weekend trip, that would suggest that he is well-off financially and falling for him wouldn’t bring your social standing any lower.”
    “I’m happy where I am, Tay,” Victoria smiled indulgently. “In fact, it would probably be better if he wasn’t wealthy; I don’t really have what it takes to be a trophy wife.”
    “He’s too young to be getting himself one of those,” Taylor declared. “But you’d get to be the first wife and that’s the one that counts.”
    “I’d prefer to be his only wife,” Victoria said, gritting her teeth. She and Taylor occasionally discussed their opposing views of marriage: Victoria believed it was about love and Taylor believed it was about influence and appearance and very rarely, if ever, about love, that love was found outside the bonds of marriage. But, then again, Taylor hadn’t had the best role models growing up where as Victoria’s

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