Blissfully Undone

Blissfully Undone by Red Phoenix Read Free Book Online

Book: Blissfully Undone by Red Phoenix Read Free Book Online
Authors: Red Phoenix
her fingers with his. Together they teased her clit. She couldn’t believe how much Dan had changed her in such a short amount of time. She felt like a different woman now.
    Jenny started moaning when the familiar heat began to build in her core. It must have been too much for Dan, because he stopped what he was doing and went back to stroking her with his cock, his thrusts fast and deep. “Jenny, I can’t hold on any longer. I’m about to lose it.”
    “Come inside me, Dan. I need you to,” she moaned.
    His cock seemed to expand just before Dan cried out and his hot come erupted inside her. With all the extra nerve endings inside her ass, she could actually feel the warmth of his ejaculation. She loved the feeling of connection as he came.
    After the last shudder of his orgasm, he lowered them both on the bed, turning her to the side with his cock still wedged inside her. He took his fingers and expertly teased her receptive button. In no time, she was squirming. “I want you to come for me,” he growled in her ear.
    She wanted to; she was desperate for it. “Yes, keep touching me just like that,” she whimpered. Jenny felt the building contractions, each one more powerful than the next until she couldn’t stand it any longer. The rhythmic heat between her legs transformed into waves of intense pleasure. Her back arched as she came, pushing herself against his body. When the last wave receded, Dan whispered, “I love you, Jenny.”
    She remained silent, wanting to answer him but knowing she couldn’t. They were both taken. Ryan and Kelly deserved better than this. Their newfound love would ruin everything. Jenny closed her eyes. It was then that she realized what a fool she’d been. Having anal sex was just as intimate as vaginal sex. She had cheated on Ryan. There was no way around it.
    She probably should have pulled away from Dan and gone to her own room, but she didn’t. It felt too good lying there in his arms. Jenny felt tears forming. How she wished they had met when they were single. He was perfect for her. Not only as a lover, but also as a friend. The thought of being loved like this every day made her want to weep with joy. But this wasn’t meant to be. They hadn’t met when they were unattached and their futures were set. All Jenny had was this small moment in time to love him.
    She heard his soft breathing and realized Dan was asleep. His warm breath sent chills every time he breathed out. She stared into the darkness. Tomorrow she would tell Dan she wanted to make love to him—to make love properly. Even though this love affair had no chance of a future, she could hold onto the memories. It would have to be enough.
    Jenny couldn’t wait to tell him in the morning. Dan would finally know that she returned his feelings. She was able to fall asleep soon after, excited about what tomorrow would bring.
    Dan shook her on the shoulder and yelled, “Wake up!” She struggled to push out of her dream, but it was so nice she wanted to stay there. “Jenny, they’re coming!”
    Her eyes popped open. She looked at Dan in confusion. “What are you talking about?”
    “Listen,” he said earnestly.
    She strained to listen and then she heard it, the far-off sound of an engine. Not yet. She glanced at Dan with a look of dread, not excitement.
    “We have to get this cabin in order, make sure everything is in its proper place,” Dan told her, throwing on his jeans and looking around for his shirt.
    Jenny quickly dressed and joined him in picking up the cabin. Neither spoke as they cleaned up the place, hiding any evidence of their affair. Jenny searched his room and found a pair of her panties under the bed. She scooped them up and ran to her room, throwing them in her suitcase. She grabbed the blankets off the couch and quickly made her bed.
    She came out of her bedroom and saw that Dan was adding more logs to the fire. Jenny decided to lay out breakfast foods so it would look like they were in the

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