Blood Legacy (PULSE Vampire Series #6)

Blood Legacy (PULSE Vampire Series #6) by Kailin Gow Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood Legacy (PULSE Vampire Series #6) by Kailin Gow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kailin Gow
grip. She could see him turn his dark eyes towards her, his gaze so full of love, of desire, his countenance frozen in fear not for his own life; for he knew that he could easily fight off Molotov, but for hers. In that instance, Octavius betrayed to Kalina all he felt. He could not push her away – he could not pretend he did not love her. His love was plain on his face, made visible by his fear for her.
    I’ll never doubt him again, Kalina thought, tears coming to her eyes as Molotov tightened his grip on her neck and lifted her higher into the air. She struggled, but it was to no avail. Her neck only bruised beneath the force.
    “I’m glad you’ve arrived, Octavius,” Molotov was saying with a sneer. “It means you’ve come in time to see this !”
    “No!” Octavius’ booming voice echoed around the chamber, but it was too late. Molotov was too quick for them. In an instant, he had pulled Kalina’s neck to his mouth and sunk his fangs deep into her throat.
    It was a sort of release, Kalina thought dreamily. Never before had she been attacked so viciously – never before had she been attacked with such an immediate attempt to drain and kill her. From the moment Molotov’s fangs were within her bloodstream, she stopped struggling. She was paralyzed – sleepy, even. As if something soft and somnolent had been swaddled around her – as if she had bathed in a hot bath and drunk a nice glass of warm milk. Yes, she thought – it was just like resting. And how easy it was to rest. Especially when she was so tired. Her eyes half-closed; her neck lolled back. Why, dying wasn’t so bad, she thought limply. She had been so afraid of it, and here she was, dying as if it was nothing at all! Now she understood how easy it was to be drained – why so many women ached to be bitten by vampires. It wasn’t a bad feeling at all. Only a strange one – a pleasant paralysis, like what a fly must feel when caught in the web of a particularly benevolent spider.
    She began to lose consciousness, her awareness of herself rapidly decreasing. Soon, she was thinking only of Octavius – his face was the last thing she saw as she lost consciousness. His kind, beautiful face – like marble or lime – chiseled out of the stones of Olympos themselves. His anguished stare at her – his eyes wide open – his love.
    So, he really does love me , Kalina thought sleepily as she passed out.
    As she lost consciousness, Octavius and Max let out twin wails of agony, rushing forth with their stakes in hand.
    “You let her go!” Max roared, her small body taking on all the power and swagger of a brave lioness. “You don’t dare touch my daughter.” She raised her stake and threw it directly at Molotov’s face.
    It missed, but only by a hair, and Molotov let out a scream as the ruby-lined stake cut through his right cheek.
    Now it was Octavius’ turn to raise his stake and attack.
    Immediately Molotov was on the defensive, keeping Kalina in his teeth like a dog holding onto a rag toy as he dodged Octavius. Octavius threw another stake, and this time the stake flew true, hitting Molotov in the back just as Molotov flew through the open window. Another stake flew through the window, missing Kalina by near inches.
    But Molotov knew he could not carry her and escape freely at the same time. With a roar of defiance, he let Kalina fall, flying off into the night more swiftly for her lack of weight.
    And then she was falling – falling down the cliff-side, faster and faster. She came in and out of consciousness, aware only of the bitter cold of the outside world, of the snow cutting against her cheeks, of the chill, of how fast she was falling towards the earth. Was she dying? Was she dead? Justin was dead – she would not live without him. She could not live without him.
    She closed her eyes once more, bracing for impact. Not long now – she wouldn’t feel a thing…she would be brave…she wouldn’t be afraid.
    And then she heard a swish

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