Blood of Sirens: Book 13 of The Witch Fairy Series

Blood of Sirens: Book 13 of The Witch Fairy Series by Bonnie Lamer Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood of Sirens: Book 13 of The Witch Fairy Series by Bonnie Lamer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bonnie Lamer
Arie can?”
    Kallen shakes his head.  “No.  Do you see the shell around her neck?  It is passed from Queen to Queen and it alone carries the power the temporarily change a Merperson’s tail into legs.  She can only do it for a few hours at a time.”
    “She can’t turn anyone else’s tail into legs?”
    “The consort of the Queen is included in the magic,” Kai informs me as he swings his new, muscular legs out of the river.  He stands and is a little wobbly at first.  Arie is, as well.  It only takes a moment, though, for them to regain their center of balance and walk normally.
    “Um, I think they forgot something,” I murmur to Kallen who is now steadfastly staring at the ceiling.  I’m not certain whose nudity bothers him more.  Arie’s because he doesn’t want to make me jealous by staring at her private bits or Kai’s because of his more than impressive manhood.  Part of the spell or all natural, I can’t help but wonder.  A small pinch on my arm reminds me I shouldn’t be wondering about such things. 
    Sindri hurries forward with two palace maids.  Each carries a robe.  One is sea blue silk with lace trim and the other a red satin.  They are presented to Arie and Kai and the maid with the red satin one is having a harder time than me keeping her eyes above chest level.  Sindri clears his throat and the maid blushes fiercely and hurries off as Kai grins after her.  Arie is not as amused.  When her eyes meet her husband’s, he sobers instantly.  He even hangs his head a little.  Interesting.
    “We have much to discuss,” Dagda says, holding his arm out to Arie.  “Let us retreat to a setting better equipped for such a conversation.”
    I turn to find Tana approaching.  Dagda hasn’t seen her yet.  Good thing because the look in her jealous green eyes would probably make him drop Arie’s arm unceremoniously.  It only takes a second for the Fairy Queen to mask her jealousy, though.  By the time she reaches us, her most welcoming smile is in place.  “Welcome,” she says managing to sound sincere.
    There is a hint of wariness in Arie’s eyes.  News of Tana’s mental breakdown reached quite a few realms.  Nonetheless, Arie bows her head politely.  “Thank you for your hospitality.”
    Oh my god.  Can we get past the niceties and get down to talking about the Sirens already?  Hm.  What are the chances I said this aloud?  Kai’s guffaw would indicate the chances are pretty darn good.  With a hearty slap on the back that makes me take a couple steps forward, he says to me, “I may grow to like you yet, Witch Fairy.”  I couldn’t be more thrilled at the news.  I’m pretty sure I kept this snarky comment in my head because Kai doesn’t get mad. 
    Dagda leads our party to the elevator.  I assume out of courtesy for the Mercouple’s new legs.  We ride up in silence.  I, personally, am terrified as usual by the fact that the one operating the elevator with her magic is a Fairy who I’m pretty certain is older than dirt.  If there was a Big Bang, she probably saw it.  Kallen and Dagda both assure me her magic is as strong as ever, but I feel the elevator lurch a little under the strain of lifting all of us.  I should have taken the stairs.
    We do make it to the top without incident.  I am surprised Dagda has taken us to the family wing of the palace.  He doesn’t usually meet with anyone here.  It’s his retreat.  His sanctuary.  I give Kallen a quizzical glance but he only shrugs.  He is as surprised as I am.  Dagda leads Arie to a white couch in the family sitting room.  Kai sits down next to her.  The rest of us find seats on the remaining furniture in the room.  The chair I pick is surprisingly comfortable for being so ugly.  Dagda has awful taste when it comes to home decorating.
    Glancing around at the furnishings, Arie says to Tana, “Your home is lovely.”  I happen to think the mostly white décor accented lavishly, or gaudily,

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