Blood Vow

Blood Vow by Karin Tabke Read Free Book Online

Book: Blood Vow by Karin Tabke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karin Tabke
Tags: Romance
ground out, having none of this nonsense. She was his, by gods, and she would stay his!
    Rafe turned her away from Lucien, taking her fully into his arms. “My love, by the Blood Law, you belonged to me first. Lucien has no claim to you.”
    Lucien grasped her forearm and pulled her back into his arms. “You are mine, Falon.
    Unperturbed by their tug-of-war, Falon continued to smile. “I choose you both.”
    Taking each of them by the hand she led them to a velvety green knoll. Sunshine shone warmly on the idyllic spot. She stepped back from them both and slowly unlaced the bodice of her dress. Lucien’s groin tightened as his breath shortened. As she slipped off the black sheath, revealing more of her creamy smooth skin, his heart pounded with the force of a wrecking ball against his rib cage.
    Her full breasts swelled, the pink tips hard and pebbled. He groaned, wanting to drag his tongue across each one. Her belly was taut and concave, her hips smoothly rounded. He swallowed. The apex of her thighs was smooth and bare of hair. The dress slid noiselessly to her feet. Smoothly she stepped out of it and knelt on the cool grass then back against it. The plump pinkness of her lips glistened with moistness.
    Holy mother—
    She lay back, spreading her long velvety hair around her like an ebony halo.
    “Make love to me,” she softly commanded them both. “Like the night in the pond.”
    Lucien looked at Rafe, his hunger for Falon ravenous. That same hunger was reflected in his brother’s eyes. Neither one of them took a step toward her, though it was what they both wanted more than their lives.
    Gritting his jaw, Lucien dragged his fingers through his hair. Rafael struggled with the same demon beside him.
    Lucien took a step toward her at the same time Rafael did.
    Lucien growled a warning. Rafael mirrored it.
    Lucien shifted. Rafael shifted.
    They lunged viciously at each other.
    Lucien woke with a start. Sweat-soaked, his breathing labored, his heart pounded violently against his chest. Rafe stared at him from across the space they slept with the same agonized stare. Had he dreamt the same dream? Or had it really happened?
    “I will not share her with you, Lucien,” Rafael said slowly.
    “Nor will I share her with you, Brother,” Lucien said, standing up.
    This was not a battle they would fight at the moment. It would take their combined stealth and strength to get Falon back, and right now, her life was the most precious thing to him.
    “She carries my child, Rafe. I will never give him or his mother up.”
    “Nor will I release you, Rafael,” Anja said, striding into the glen they had just awoke in. Surprisingly, she looked no worse for the long journey. Lucien eyed her suspiciously.
    “We both know I was not free to exchange marks with you, Anja,” Rafael said. “They are null and void. I release you.”
    “You cannot just cancel me out! We exchanged marks. They are binding!” she cried, her cool exterior cracking. Lucien could smell her desperation.
    “I was not free to exchange them, Anja,” Rafe explained. “My mark on Falon stands over mine on you because had the council known the truth as we know it now, I would have been vindicated for killing a Slayer and Falon would have remained with me.”
    Lucien stiffened, unable to argue the truth of Rafe’s words. But they didn’t matter. Falon loved him and he her. She had chosen him over Rafe.
    “I would do anything to rectify this situation for you, Anja, except renounce Falon as my chosen one.”
    Her crystal-colored eyes flashed angrily at Rafe, then at Lucien before she honed furiously in on Rafe. “You vowed to be mine. I don’t accept your release!”
    Rafael growled softly. “I gave my vow to Falon first, it cannot be undone even if I wished it so.”
    “What of your honor, Rafe? Have you none where she is concerned?” Anja accused.
    Cautiously, he stepped toward her and spoke very carefully. “It was because of my honor I lost

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