Blurred Lines (Watching Her)

Blurred Lines (Watching Her) by Scarlett Metal Read Free Book Online

Book: Blurred Lines (Watching Her) by Scarlett Metal Read Free Book Online
Authors: Scarlett Metal
    Blurred Lines
    Scarlett Metal
    “We don’t have to if you don’t want to, Gorgeous,”
Brett said as we lay in bed after yet another night of fabulous sex. I reached
up to grab his hand on his arm that was around my shoulders. I loved the way my
tiny hand fit so perfectly in his.
    “But I do want to,” I said, hooking my
leg over his as I nestled up against him. Brett wanted to take me to a swingers
club. We’d talked about it for a few weeks now and while I was no longer the sexually
sheltered girl I’d been when he met me, this exploration was new to me. He was
good at talking to me about it all though--asking me what I wanted, what my
fantasies were. He made me feel comfortable enough to share anything with him.
    He’d brought up going the swingers club
when recently I’d told him I’d thought about being with a girl while he
watched. After he watched me have sex with his friend Sebastian, I thought this
was something else hot we could try. I’d never done it before and the idea of
doing it while Brett was there made me hot. His kink to watch me was quickly
complimented by my newly found kink to be watched. He was on board with me
being with another girl; he’d watched me with his best friend for God’s sake. The
night I told him about this fantasy, he’d fucked me hard and made me come so
many times, I had to finally beg him to stop. Of course then he just fucked me more.
    He never made me do anything I wasn’t
ready for or didn’t want to do, but since I confessed this, he mentioned going
to this swingers club he was a member of more than once. He hadn’t been there since
we started dating, but said it would be a good place to safely find what I
might be looking for.
    I ran my hand down his smooth chest,
admiring the tattoos that covered his body. My hand stopped at his nipple,
teasing the ring that hung there. I loved his nipple rings, especially flicking
them with my tongue. Doing that to him long enough usually drove him to attack
me, which was what I was wanted.
    He groaned and clutched my hand. “Mmm,
ready for more, huh?” he asked with a sly grin.
    I was always ready for round two - or
three, or more even – with Brett. He’d awakened a sexual hunger in me I had no
idea existed. He joked about being my sexual ‘liberator’.
    I smiled up at him and moved my hand to
tease the other nipple. “Always,” I murmured, leaning down to run my tongue
around his nipple, eliciting a groan from his lips. My other hand trailed down
his stomach, brushing against his already hardening cock.
    “Careful, Lizzie,” he warned me. “You
know if you tease me, you get it back ten times worse.”
    “I know,” I answered slyly, my fingers
encircling his growing shaft, my tongue continuing to tease his nipple, playing
with the ring there.
    “Fuck,” he muttered, reaching down to
grab my ass, his nails digging into my sensitive flesh. “What you do to me...” A
thrill ran through me hearing his words. The things he did to me were utterly
amazing and I loved that I could do the same for him.
    My thumb slid up to the head of his
erection, spreading the pre-cum that had already leaked out, all around the
head, stopping to tease the sensitive spot on the underside of his cock. Leaning
further down, I swiped my tongue across the tip, tasting his saltiness. He
shivered and moaned my name.
    “That’s it, now you asked for it,” he
said, flipping me onto my back, pinning my hands above my head. I laughed and
pretended to struggle as he straddled me, his cock, now rock hard, pressing
into my stomach. I squeezed my thighs together, thinking about the way he felt
inside me, the way he filled and stretched me. I had a feeling he was going to
make me wait for that now.
    He looked down at me, his chocolate
brown eyes even darker than usual. “You know I don’t like when you tease me so
now I’m going to tease you. Pay back’s a bitch.” He leaned down so his face was
inches from mine. “I’m

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