Brand of the Pack

Brand of the Pack by Tera Shanley Read Free Book Online

Book: Brand of the Pack by Tera Shanley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tera Shanley
exactly the opposite of her. Morgan was short and slight with dark hair and green eyes, when they weren’t a raging light purple. Alexis slumped onto the bed and crossed her arms. She looked like some fairy come to life out of a children’s book. Morgan wasn’t dangerous. Not like her.
    Grey would figure it out eventually. He would tire of protecting that useless she-wolf and move on. And when he did, Alexis would be there. He would be ready for a strong mate by then.
    Her head jerked as her ears picked up the command in Jonathan’s voice. Her hearing was impeccable and could pick up every word. Good. He’d finally grown some balls and told his pack to pipe down. She had already picked a mate. She just had to wait for him to come around. The rest of the men in her new pack could fight to the death for all she cared. They wouldn’t get a single tug on the pants from her.
    She narrowed her eyes at the door. Jonathan’s heavy footsteps thudded up the stairs. Her wolf perked up. If it was up to her animal, Jonathan would be her mate. Alexis had more control than that, though.
    He opened the door without knocking and slammed it closed behind him. “Why do you feel you have to tease them like that?”
    “I’m not teasing them. They will just have to get used to how I am. I’m not changing just because your dopey wolves can’t control themselves.”
    “You do tease. Dean said you did it to one of his pack, too.”
    “Who, Brandon? That poor sap couldn’t handle me if he tried. Doesn’t mean I didn’t like him looking, though.”
    Jonathan wasn’t as tall as Grey, but he was built. He had a straight Grecian nose that said he hadn’t been in enough fights to suit her taste. Or perhaps he’d protected his face. His sandy brown hair was short on the sides but longer on top, hanging attractively in front of his forest-green eyes. At the moment, they were a sparking light gray. His anger brought a warm sensation to the deepest parts of her. He flared his nostrils, and she smiled.
    He could smell her arousal if he wanted. She didn’t mind.
    “You are doing it again,” he said gruffly. He sat on the end of her bed and turned away from her.
    “Yeah, I don’t think you get it. I really don’t care.”
    “Look, maybe you don’t understand. My boys haven’t had a female in their pack before. It’s hard enough on them getting their bearings with the new pecking order. They don’t need you screwing with their heads, okay?”
    “Still not changing.”
    He growled in frustration. “Dammit, Alexis. I’m trying to have a civil conversation with you. There has to be some give and take if this is going to work. Compromise. Everything can’t go your way all of the time.”
    “You’re not hearing me,” she said menacingly. “It can go my way, and it will. I was queen in Dean’s pack, and I’ll be queen here, too. Accept it, Jonny boy.”
    “You want to be queen? Choose a mate! Allow the bond and stop torturing everyone.”
    “I’m not choosing any of your pathetic wolves. There are bigger fish in the ocean.”
    “Demon Wolf? Is that who you’re talking about? Cause from what I hear, he didn’t want you back. Or maybe that’s the draw.”
    Jonathan’s anger filled the room until she would surely drown. He strode deliberately over to her and pulled her off the bed by the back of her neck until she stood, inches away from his glorious face. In a dangerously low voice, he said, “You want to be queen? Choose me.”
    And then he kissed her. It wasn’t tender or apologetic. It was violent like a twister. She bit his lip on principle but wanted more. He drew back, bleeding. A wicked smile hovered just over his lips. “I won’t wait forever.”
    She narrowed her eyes. “Yes, you will.”
    As he turned to leave, he hesitated. “Dean sent word to the masses. Greyson is claiming Morgan by the end of the week.”
    Dread paralyzed her. “Wait! What do you mean?”
    Jonathan sighed. “He’s marrying her,

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