Breathless (Meadowlarks)

Breathless (Meadowlarks) by Ashley Christine Read Free Book Online

Book: Breathless (Meadowlarks) by Ashley Christine Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ashley Christine
recently rocked.
    Alex had adopted Blaine's style, and I silently thank him for letting that rub off on him. Worn and faded jeans, showing just how hard a man can work. And those button up shirts that country men wear... yum .
    It made me want to pry my hands between the seams of Alex's shirt and tear it off, letting the buttons fly all over the place. His dark hair was usually hidden under a backwards ball cap, only little wispy pieces stick out around his neck and above his ears.
    Alex came out of the barn when I stepped out of the car and opened the back door to take Scarlett out of her car seat.
    “Now , there's the two most beautiful girls in the world!”
    “Ahem!” Addison cough ed loudly, and smirked at her brother.
    “Three. The three most beautiful girls...what?” He grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “Give me my baby.”
    Scarlett babble d something to him, and when Alex took her from my arms she plopped a wet kiss on his cheek. “Daddy!”
    “Hey Riley, how's it going?” Blaine ask ed when he walked up to us. “Hey there, my pretty lady!”
    He took Scarlett's hand in his and pretended to bite her fingers, she laughed and almost shoved her whole hand in his mouth.
    “Hi, Blaine.” I smile d. “Almost done for the day?”
    He look ed at Alex, who then looked at me. “Almost, why?”
    “Well, Addison and I want to go out tonight. Out , out.”
    Blaine look ed across the car to Addison and raised an eyebrow at her. His look was devilish and I could see from her reaction that she was excited.
    Wow... should we excuse them?
    “Sadee is going to babysit the kids,” Addison said. Then she hooked Seth's car seat into her arm and walked right past Blaine and went into the house.
    He turn ed and smiled at us before following her inside.
    “They are ridiculous!” I gape d, and Alex curled his lip, probably not wanting to picture his sister like that.
    I hear d loud laughter and Addison's voice melodically yelling Blaine's name from inside the house.
    Blaine came out of the house and stood on the porch. “Alex! We're done for the day. Dinner is in two hours, bring beer.”
    Addison came out and stood beside her husband. I could clearly see from here that her lips were swollen from some sort of sexy assaulting kiss. She blew me a kiss.
    I wink ed, and Alex looked at me with an odd expression on his face. I don’t think he had realized that we should go, or we were going to start hearing even more noise coming from that house.
    I re member before they got married; the girls and I were staying there during a visit from back home. Addison and Blaine were so loud in bed that we thought the pictures were going to fall off the walls. It took everything in me not to run out the door and clamber in the dark to Jeremiah's house to find Alex, to have him completely shock my senses.
    Instead I laid there in that old squeaky bed, laughing with the others, applauding Addy and Blaine. His fa ce the next morning was freaking priceless. We teased him a bit about it, then he left Addison alone with us. We surrounded her like she was our prey.
    “Spill!” Camille begged for all the dirt.
    We got it, of course.

Chapter Four
    “Oh, wow!” Sadee gushe d when Addison and I walked down the stairs and stood in the kitchen in our new dresses. “You guys look hot!”
    “Why thank you, love.” I smile d at her and leaned down to slip on my tall black heels.
    “Holy shit.” Alex stop ped in his tracks. “Err—c rap. Sorry, Sadee.”
    “It's okay, Alex.” S he blushed.
    Blaine didn’t say anything, he simply stood in the large doorway between the kitchen and living room and stared darkly at Addison. The sight of him looking at her like that made my stomach clench; he looks like a lion ready to devour a steak.
    I must say, she is a vision in that dress. I have always loved her hair; those dark red curls are just...something you only see in the movies. I don't know how she does it. It’s like she wakes up and just

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