Brie’s Denver Desires (Submissive in Love, #2)

Brie’s Denver Desires (Submissive in Love, #2) by Red Phoenix Read Free Book Online

Book: Brie’s Denver Desires (Submissive in Love, #2) by Red Phoenix Read Free Book Online
Authors: Red Phoenix
Tags: Erótica, Romance, Erotic, Brie, Novella
letting her know an orgasm was near. She pressed her fingers hard against her clit and began to rub at a furious pace.
    Her cries of passion filled the cabin of the truck as she gave in to the intensity of her self-made orgasm. “Oh, oh, ooohhh…” she moaned as it crashed over her. She felt her pussy contract in waves of pleasure. Afterwards she pressed her hand over her sex, enjoying those last little delicious pulses.
    Without looking in Master Anderson’s direction, she righted herself, pulling her skirt down and folding her hands in her lap.
    “Your Master told you to do that?”
    She looked at him shyly. “Yes, Master Anderson.”
    Brie was glad to see him smile for the first time since the unexpected meeting with the redhead. “Leave it to Thane to know just what I needed. Well done, young Brie.”
    She smiled back. “I’m glad you approve, Master Anderson.”
    He raised his eyebrow. “Naturally. You know I love watching a women pleasure herself.”
    Brie blushed, thrilled that her little performance had pleased him.
    He drove them to a secluded spot in the foothills that overlooked the metro area. He stopped and turned off the vehicle, staring at the sprawling city below. Without being asked, he shared, “I met Amy in a communications class. I knew the moment I laid eyes on her that I was meant to tame her.”
    “Tame her?” Brie asked, not familiar with the term.
    He answered with a smirk. “Back then I loved the challenge of taking a strong woman unused to kink and showing her the excitement of submission. I affectionately refer to them as ‘wild ones’, those women who don’t realize their true nature—yet.”
    “So you liked taming totally vanilla girls?”
    “Yes. However, Amy was different. That redheaded vixen intrigued me more than my previous conquests, and she proved far more resistant. Took me longer to tame her than any I’d had before, but when she finally submitted— truly submitted—I was lost.”
    “Lost how?” Brie asked, deeply honored that he was being so open with her.
    “Amy broke my heart,” he stated with a sad half-smile. “Although I’d always enjoyed conquering wild ones, she was the first and only one to conquer me. I didn’t realize how deeply I’d fallen until that ass came into the picture.”
    “Troy Dawson.” Master Anderson spat the name disdainfully.
    “Is that her husband?”
    Master Anderson growled. “That selfish bastard doesn’t deserve her. He was always making her cry, leaving her to chase his dreams then coming back expecting her to be waiting there for him with open arms. He didn’t love her like I did. Damn it, I would have done anything for Amy. In fact…” His voice trailed off and he just stared at the horizon, lost in painful memories.
    Brie said nothing, instinctively putting her hand on his shoulder in empathy.
    “I lost a part of myself the day she walked away from me. No explanation—she just walked into his arms and we were no more. But as hurt as I was, I never stopped loving her, and willingly played the fool again when I saw an opportunity to win her back.”
    Brie couldn’t imagine Master Anderson ever playing the fool. “I don’t believe it.”
    He shook his head sadly. “I hate to admit it, but I ran to Amy’s side when I heard she was seriously hurt. It was no surprise to me that Troy was nowhere to be seen.”
    Master Anderson paused, adding with regret, “I did things I wasn’t proud of. Have you ever loved someone so desperately that you compromised yourself to keep them?” He looked critically at her then answered his own question. “No, you have not. That isn’t your nature.”
    “What did you do, Master Anderson?” Brie asked, intrigued that the Dom had found himself in such a position. “I can’t imagine you ever compromising yourself.”
    “No one is immune to life lessons, young Brie. Looking back on it now, I understand what a fool I was, but back then I justified my actions. She was

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