Bubble Troubles

Bubble Troubles by Colleen Madden Read Free Book Online

Book: Bubble Troubles by Colleen Madden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Colleen Madden
Grandpa and Grandma Troyer’s, one of Mattie’s bottom teeth started to ache. It felt worse by the time she and Mark rode home from school on Monday afternoon.
    Oh no
, Mattie thought.
This can’t be happening to me
    “What’s wrong, Mattie?” Mark called over his shoulder. “How come you’re not pedaling anymore?”
    “I’m worried,” she replied, rolling her tongue over her throbbing tooth.
    “Again? What are ya worried about this time?”
    “One of my teeth hurts.” Mattie swallowed hard, trying hard not to cry.
    “How long’s it been hurtin’?” Mark asked.
    “Off and on all day, but it’s gotten worse since we left the schoolhouse. It’s really aching right now, and I’m getting a headache.”
    “You’d better tell Mom as soon as we get home,” Mark said.
“Zaahweh is schlechdi kumpani.”
    Mattie sniffed. “I know a toothache is a bad companion, and I can’t help but be worried.”
    “Aw, don’t worry, Mattie. Mom will take ya to the dentist, and he’ll fix your tooth.”
    “What if he pulls it? I—I don’t want to lose all my teeth and end up having to wear dentures like Grandpa Troyer does.”
    “Is it a permanent tooth?” Mark asked.
    “No, I think it’s one of my baby teeth,” she replied.
    “Then there’s nothin’ to worry about, ’cause even if the dentist does have to pull your tooth, another one will sooner or later grow in its place.”
    “Maybe so, but …”
    “You weren’t worried about losin’ all your teeth and havin’ to wear dentures when you lost some of your baby teeth before,” Mark reminded Mattie.
    “That’s true, but that was before I saw Grandpa Troyer without all his teeth.” Mattie sniffed, imagining what she would look like with no teeth in her mouth.
    “You’re not gonna lose all your teeth. The dentist will probably just drill a hole in your tooth and put a filling in.” Mark glanced back at Mattie again. “You’re not cryin’, are ya?”
    “A little bit,” Mattie admitted with a sniff. She didn’t want to be a baby about it, but it was hard not to cry.
    “Well, there’s nothin’ to cry about. I’m sure you’ll be okay.”
    “That’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one with a zaahweh.”
    “You’re right, but I have lost some of my baby teeth, and I never worried about ending up with dentures.” Mark laughed. “Remember the time Ike wanted to pull one of my top teeth ’cause it was loose?”
    “Jah, and you wouldn’t let him.”
    “That’s because I wanted to pull it myself.”
    Mattie cringed, just thinking about the way Mark had grabbed hold of his tooth with a piece of tissue and given it a quick twist. He’d let out a yelp when the tooth popped out, and then he’d run for the bathroom to rinse out his mouth. Mattie had never pulled any of her baby teeth when they were loose. She’d just wiggled them a bit and let them fall out on their own. But this tooth was different. It wasn’t loose, and unfortunately, it hurt really bad. Even so, she wanted to keep the tooth until it fell out on its own.
    Forcing herself to think of something else, Mattie kept her legs pedaling as they neared home. She was glad when they finally arrived and she was able to get off the bike.
    As soon as the twins put the bike away, Mark and Mattie hurried into the house. They found Mom in the kitchen, washing a head of lettuce at the sink.
    “How was your day?” Mom asked, smiling as she turned to look at Mark and Mattie.
    “It was okay,” Mattie mumbled. She couldn’t get up the nerve to tell Mom about her toothache. She just wanted to go to her room and have a good cry.
    “Would you like a snack?” Mom asked, motioning to the table. “I baked some banana bread earlier today, and it’s very good.”
    “No thanks,” Mattie said. “I’m not hungerich right now.”
    Mom’s eyebrows raised high on her forehead. “Now that’s a first. Whenever you come home from school, you’re always hungry and want something to

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