Burnt by Natasha Thomas Read Free Book Online

Book: Burnt by Natasha Thomas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Natasha Thomas
from Lexi. No. Not my Kendall. She embraces Lexi like she does everything else. With her whole heart. Fuck but I love her. For that and every-fucking-thing else she does.

    While Isabella was still in hospital after havin Lexi, no doubt playing the sympathy card like she does everything else because who needs to stay in hospital for a week after having a complication free delivery, Kendall came in with a fucking huge bouquet of flowers for Isabella. A cigar for me, and a teddy bear dressed as a princess with a little bonnet and booties for Lexi to go home in. Seeing Kendall in that room brought something home for me, and it did it hard. The horrific feeling I was in an unavoidable car crash when Isabella told me she was pregnant was not because I was going to be an eighteen-year-old dad. It wasn’t because I would still be a fucking prospect earning shit money when I was a parent to a small baby. No. It was because the baby that I was going to have would have the wrong mother. Her mother should have been the woman standing across the room from me. The one peering in the plastic hospital bassinet with wonder and joy in her eyes. The woman that would love my daughter unconditionally with every part of herself, and lay down her life for her.

    Lexi’s mother should not be the dirty whore I’m married to. The one that doesn’t tuck her kid in. Doesn’t read to her, or kiss her goodnight. Shit. I’m lucky if the bitch even washes my daughters’ clothes. She’s complained often enough that she doesn’t want her own clothes getting ruined because Lexi’s clothes dirty hers up in the machine. No. Lexi’s mom should have been Kendall. Realising that was like a full force kick to the chest by a thousand pound bull.

    Of course Kendall was respectful enough to ask my fiancée, yeah I’m a dumb motherfucker, (the bitch demanded I make an honest woman out of her if she was having my kid), if she could hold our little one. The affect her sweet voice had on me saying ‘your’ little one was huge. It killed. Literally breaking another piece of my heart off in the process. I didn’t think I had more of it to lose, but obviously I was wrong, and I did.

    The Demon Bitch, or DB for short, that’s what all the brothers’ call her anyway, cottoned on to the fact she could turn the knife a little more for Kendall and played it up big time. I don’t know what her problem is with Kendall. In the beginning I thought it was cute that Isabella wanted to spend all her time with me. I didn’t recognise the manipulation, or the hateful way she pushed Kendall into the background. Later however, I recognised it for what it was. Isabella was a self-centred bitch that wanted all my attention on her, and only her. Kendall was a roadblock that she summarily drove over and crushed.

    Isabella smiles a cruel smirk that promises all kinds of shit. She answers Kendall before I have the chance.
    “Sure Kenna.”

    Grunting at Isabella I correct her. I shouldn’t have bothered she was only riling Kendall up. Me as well to be honest.
    “Kendall, Isabella. Her name is Kendall.”

    “Silly me. I’m forgetting things all the time these days. Being pregnant and giving birth takes it out of you. Know what I mean?” Turning on the saccharine sweetness and batting her eye lids at Kendall Isabella leans into me wrapping her arm around my waist.

    Playing happy families. I see her game for what it is, but what can I do? I’ve done this. I made my bed, and now I have to lay in it. I fucked up then further fucked up monumentally when I cast my best friend aside like she was no better than yesterdays’ trash. Kendall didn’t miss a beat though.
    “It must have been really hard on you Isabella. She’s gorgeous. You must be so proud.” Tucking the tiny bundle wrapped in pink cotton into her arms, Kendall runs a finger down Lexi’s cheek smiling at her. “Does she have a name yet? She’s so pretty. I bet she has a gorgeous name to match.”


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