By My Side

By My Side by Michele Zurlo Read Free Book Online

Book: By My Side by Michele Zurlo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michele Zurlo
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance, Contemporary
    Hooking a finger under the elastic holding her hair back from her face, he jerked it away. Tears pricked behind her eyes from the few places where it yanked a little too hard. She blinked them away, keeping her attention focused on Sean. She’d never seen him like this before.
    He fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her down to the mattress. Anticipating Gretchen, Marcella had made it up with a fresh covering. A plastic pad below the sheet crackled under her weight. It crackled even more when he fell on top of her and ground his hips into hers. Finally he caught her mouth with his and swept his tongue inside.
    Acting on instinct, she lifted her hands to his shoulders. She ran them over his skin, seeking to soothe his wildness with her submission. He nudged her knee with his own. She spread her legs wide and moaned as he settled his cock against her pussy.
    He lifted slightly and slid his hand between them. The crown of his cock paused at her entrance. He captured her gaze and tightened the hand fisting her hair. “One last time, Marcella. Tell me you want this.”
    Finally she understood. He needed to know she yielded to him, not to the faceless specter of the audience that would be watching them. Reaching up, she caressed his cheek with a trembling hand. “I want this, Sean. I want you.”
    One thrust and he buried his shaft to the hilt. Marcella’s mouth dropped open at the sudden fullness that had nothing in common with the glass dildo. Sean’s warmth stretched and filled her pussy.
    “Perfect. God, Cella you fit me so perfectly.” He shifted to balance his weight on his elbows. “Wrap your legs around me, honey. I don’t plan to go slow.”
    And he didn’t. Marcella clung to him as he pumped his hips at an impossible pace. An inferno began low in her abdomen, fed by each of his frantic thrusts. Her arousal skyrocketed, and she felt the small pulses in her pussy that signaled an orgasm was near. “Sean, please let me come.”
    He neither paused nor slowed his actions. Sweat glistened on his shoulders and made it difficult for her to keep her legs clasped around him. “No.”
    She breathed. She thought about baseball. Images of tight asses in white pants came to mind, so that didn’t help. Sean thrust harder and faster. His lips parted, and his eyelids fell to half-mast. This image of her master burned into her brain, and she realized her mistake. “Master, please let me come.”
    As much as she wanted to come, she wanted to please her master more. If he denied her, then she would stave it off. She gathered her determination and locked eyes with him. An unspoken challenge passed in the air. His eyes sparkled, and his lips stretched in a slow, sensual smile.
    He slowed the pace of his thrusts.
    Marcella’s control faltered. A quick, hard fuck gave her a quick, hard orgasm. It was easier to gain and easier to keep at bay. This slow, measured style robbed her of any strategy for maintaining control.
    The inferno altered and became a slow burn. It slipped under her defenses. Her insides melted, and her consciousness became fluid. She clutched frantically at his shoulders. Climax pressed urgently, a nonspecific feeling gathering force and searching for a focal point. Trying to escape it, she writhed. “Please, Master. Oh please let me come.”
    Leaning closer, he brushed a kiss across her lips. “Yes, my Cella. Come for me.”

Chapter Three

    Sean watched the woman beneath him undulate and arch. Her tight cunt contracted around his dick, pulsing hard and fast. The sight of the woman he’d wanted for so long climaxing in his arms sent him over the edge. He thrust twice more before he exploded.
    He collapsed onto her chest and forced himself to roll to the side. Though he wanted to stay on top of her warm body, he didn’t want to crush her. Marcella was proving to be an amazingly responsive submissive. Now that

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