Cain's Darkness

Cain's Darkness by Jenika Snow Read Free Book Online

Book: Cain's Darkness by Jenika Snow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenika Snow
to see her because he thought she should move on to better things. To her Cain was better things, and the light that had shined in her darkness.
    She walked toward the door, gripped the handle, and opened it before he could knock again. And there he stood, all six-foot-five inches of him, his dark hair on the longer side as it brushed his ears, and his dark, black eyes regarding her silently.
    “I wondered if you were going to come to me when you got out,” she said softly, nervously, and stepped aside.
    He didn’t move, didn’t even speak for several seconds, and then he cleared his throat.
    “I stayed away, knowing that was what you wanted,” she said. The truth was she’d hated that, and hoped he really didn’t want her to stay away. Violet hoped that it was just while he had been locked up, that maybe he was trying to protect her from that sight and scene as well. He never said that outright, but she knew that Cain would have done and said that as a form of protecting her. He didn’t answer, and she glanced down, hating that there was this tension between them.
    “I wasn’t going to come here, was going to stay away because your life is better without me in it.”
    God, she hated hearing him say that shit. She watched as he scrubbed a hand over his jaw. His cheeks were covered in dark stubble, the sight arousing. She wanted this older man like she wanted to breathe. She loved him, had for years, and all she wanted in this world anymore was for Cain to know this, accept it, and reciprocate the feelings.
    “I’m glad you came, Cain.” She smiled softly at him, and then looked down again. He wore those dark shit-kicker boots of his. Violet lifted her gaze up his legs that were covered in worn, grease smudged, and torn jeans, over his chest that was covered in a dark, long sleeved t-shirt and leather Brothers of Menace cut, and took in his strength. His power was insurmountable, and the sight of his muscles bulging under the material had everything inside of her clenching in awareness.
    She moved aside another inch, and she heard him curse softly, and then take a step into her home. Violet shut the door, leaned against it, and took in the massive form of him. The back of his black cut showed the Brothers logo of a rising phoenix and a Harley outlined. It was a powerful sight, especially in the town of River Run, which was only a few hours away from where she lived.
    “This is a nice place, Violet,” he said in that deeply husky voice of his, one she had thought about for far too many years while lying in her bed.
    “Thank you, Cain.”
    He turned around, and they stared at each other for a few moments. Cain was not a handsome man by normal standards. He was harsh looking, rugged, and all male. He was one of those men that put fear in others just by making eye contact with them.
    “You want something to drink? I think I have a few beers in the fridge, and have a bottle of whiskey in the cabinet.”
    “No alcohol,” he said, and smiled, but it looked a little off on his hardened face.
    “You want some coffee?”
    He nodded once, and she turned from the front entrance and headed into the kitchen. She looked over her shoulder at him, saw he hadn’t moved from his spot, but that he watched her every step of the way. Violet was quick in making a pot of coffee, and when she had two cups in hand, and headed back out to the foyer, she could see Cain had moved into the living room. He was over by her bookshelf, picking up the photo of her and Fallina when they were sixteen years old—right before Carl had raped her, and before that fucker had attacked Fallina.
    “I remember when this picture was taken,” he said without turning around. He looked at the photo a few more seconds, and then set it back down.
    Yeah, she remembered that day, too. Being with Fallina and Cain had been the highlight of her life. Her family life had been shit with her neglectful father who decided drinking at the bar was better than

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