When he said nothing, she continued.
    “So, when you ask me about why, I can only tell you because it is the one non-scheduled activity I can indulge in. I share it with no one. Not my parents, not even my husband when he was alive. It is the one extravagance I’ve allowed myself. When an opportunity like this arises, I jump on it if possible. With my schedule for the next year and a half, my little addiction is going to be hard to squeeze in, so that’s why I came all this way now.”
    Callum didn’t want to believe her, but he did. Responsibility had been riding his back for more years than he could remember, so he understood her need. People depending on you could weigh you down, even if you loved them. It could get damned hard to remember that you were an individual, and he sensed she’d struggled with that for most of her life.
    Apparently worried she hadn’t swayed him, she said, “Truthfully, with your money and resources, you could make sure anything I tell the press doesn’t make the light of day. And I’m sure you know with one word from you, my reputation would be destroyed. It is the one thing I do not play lightly with.”
    After that, she waited. Again, he didn’t want to be swayed by her arguments, but they made sense. She had no idea what she was talking about because she didn’t know exactly what she was getting into, but he could destroy her, her reputation, and her parents on a whim if he wished it. Granted, if the information made the rags they would be scrutinized, perhaps even considered freaks, if anyone believed the truth. He had fought most of his life to keep their secret safe. He would destroy anyone who threatened their safe haven. But clearly she understood what such rash actions could cost her.
    He knew that all the other cousins had conceded to let her look at it without a contract. Callum wasn’t comfortable enough with it.
    “A confidentiality agreement then?”
    She nodded. “After I see the diary.”
    Bloody hell, the woman wouldn’t give over, not even a centimeter.
    “And you give me your word you aren’t working for a paper?”
    She laughed then, a real one that sent lust curling in his belly, rolling through his veins. “No. In fact, there is one particular reporter for The Mirror who has a non-harassment order against me. The press and I are not the best of friends.”
    “You physically threatened a reporter?”
    “No. I punched him.” She waited a beat. “Then I threatened to castrate him if I ever saw him again.”
    He couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped. It was hard to believe this woman would be able to hurt anyone, especially a grown man. Her head barely reached his shoulders. “Was there a reason?”
    “My late husband was actually a very distant relation of Prince Phillip. When Simon was sick, there were a few people who thought to make a story of it and his…our personal life. I thought otherwise. I protect what is mine.”
    He was momentarily distracted by the mention of her late husband. It nettled that he wanted to know more about the man, what their marriage had been like. Why would he give a damn about that?
    He mentally steered himself away from that subject and back to their discussion. Her expression and voice held a conviction he admired. He understood what it took to hold onto that conviction through troubled times. The strength of her character showed by her actions. He knew at that moment he was going to cave to her wishes. There really was no other choice. They had no one else they could turn to, but he knew there would have to be some kind of agreement.
    “If I agree to this—without requiring a contract—there are some rules I will not bend on.”
    She nodded and waited. Smart lass—too smart.
    “Only you will review the book and only in my office. It is a rare find, and I will not have it misplaced.” She opened her mouth to argue, probably trying to defend herself, but he didn’t have the time or patience. “First, you need to

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