Carnal Sin

Carnal Sin by Allison Brennan Read Free Book Online

Book: Carnal Sin by Allison Brennan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Allison Brennan
Tags: Horror & Ghost Stories
She looked at him with what her daddy called her Yes, Fern, anything you want gaze. "Do you want to call Santa Louisa or should I?"
    He shook his head, and she thought she was going to have to dig in her heels. She didn't want to go above Don--she didn't know if she would--she just wanted him to let her run with it. It seemed important to her.
    "Go ahead," he finally said, "but we have bodies stacking up in the crypt, so put the camera away and get back to work as soon as you hang up the phone."

    Rafe hadn't heard Moira laugh often enough in the two weeks he'd known her, so when she entered laughing through the sliding glass doors into the kitchen, he turned with a smile.
    He froze when he saw Rico Cortese running two steps behind her.
    "Beat you!" Moira exclaimed as she stepped across the threshold.
    "You cheated," Rico said, his voice serious but his eyes not quite as hardened as Rafe remembered. Rico smiled--actually smiled --at Moira.
    "Yes I did, and I won." She raised an eyebrow. "I'm surprised you didn't catch on, considering I simply used one of your own tricks on you."
    "I didn't teach you that particular maneuver."
    She shrugged. "I improvised." She winked at Rafe. "Victory is so sweet. I'm going to shower and then--"
    Anthony stepped into the kitchen and told Moira, "You're late." He then spotted Rico. For a moment he seemed perplexed that Moira and Rico had come in together; then he said, "Rico--good to see you again."
    "We have some time," Rico said. "I had a stop to make."
    Behind Anthony, Skye entered the room. Anthony's girlfriend was pretty in a no-nonsense kind of way--long blond hair pulled loosely back, tall and athletic, with sharp green eyes that seemed to see more than what was in front of her. She said, "So you're the infamous Rico Cortese."
    "Very pleased to meet you, Sheriff." Rico extended his hand.
    Rafe resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He knew what Rico was thinking--that Skye McPherson was distracting Anthony from his duty. Rico had long advocated that Olivet's demon hunters shun personal relationships, even though they'd never taken a vow of celibacy. That Anthony was living "in sin" with the sheriff must irk Rico, even though Anthony wasn't a hunter.
    Anthony said, "May I get you some coffee? Water?"
    Moira said, "Water would be great, thanks, Anthony." She smiled widely though her eyes were cold, knowing Anthony had addressed Rico.
    Anthony opened his mouth, then closed it. The animosity between the two had grown even though they'd successfully worked together to trap the demon Envy two weeks ago. The tension grated on all of them, but Rafe didn't know how to get Anthony to lighten up on Moira--or how to suggest to Moira that she not push his buttons all the time.
    "Right." Moira pointed a finger at Anthony. "I'll get it myself." She crossed to the refrigerator and took out two water bottles. She tossed one to Rico without looking and the trainer caught it with ease, his reflexes almost feline. There was an easy camaraderie between Rico and Moira, which got under Rafe's skin. He averted his eyes, kept his face impassive. The fact that Rico had trained Moira, and befriended her, didn't change the depth or complexity of Rafe's relationship with her. Given their past, it was natural that Rico and Moira had gotten close.
    How close?
    "I'll be back in ten minutes," Moira said, leaving the room.
    Rafe leaned against the counter.
    Rico stared pointedly at Rafe, putting him even more on edge. "Raphael. I see you've returned to the land of the living."
    Rafe gave a nod. "You haven't changed."
    "You have."
    Rico's style was cool and hard to read. His comment was full of double meaning.
    Rafe had fought his own battles with Rico over the years. Some might chalk it up to a difference in opinion, like Anthony, who had worked with both of them and had respect for each man. But Rafe knew how his former trainer thought: as far as Rico was concerned, those who died in the battle against evil were

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