CarnalTakeover by Tina Donahue Read Free Book Online

Book: CarnalTakeover by Tina Donahue Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tina Donahue
Alexandra’s cheeks and forehead, nourished by excitement, not fear. Whatever
he’d planned, she was definitely all for it. Downright eager.
    “Everything,” he answered, parroting what she’d said
yesterday. “I’m in charge. Not you. Not any of the other guys. Me, alone. If
you can’t accept that, then this is over right—”
    She interrupted. “I accept it.” He’d honored his part of
their bargain by showing up and taking over in the best possible way. Now
Alexandra would honor hers. “You’re the boss.”
    Delight danced in his eyes. “Yes, I am.”
    He cupped the back of her head and pulled her into him,
their thighs and bellies snuggled together. Alexandra inhaled sharply. Before
she could release her breath on a wanting sigh, he slanted his mouth over hers
and slipped his tongue between her lips.
    God. She sagged against him, shocking need tearing
through her, rendering her helpless and weak. If not for Daniel’s solid body,
she would have dropped to the floor.
    Tightening his hold, he deepened their kiss, his mouth
greedy and demanding, hers loose and impassioned beneath his. She nestled
closer. He ground his hips into hers, his opened parka allowing her to feel his
erection, rock solid, long as freaking hell. Alexandra dug her fingers into his
coat, wanting it off and them naked, him inside her.
    Despite her wayward lust, Daniel didn’t stop and strip. He
enjoyed her leisurely, fully, his tongue dancing with hers, then sweeping over
her teeth. He tasted of minty toothpaste and a flavor that was unique to him
that spoke of good health, a male at the height of his power. Alexandra finally
moaned, unable to help herself. Daniel offered a faint growl in return, then
broke their kiss and rested his forehead against hers.
    As a lover and friend might do.
    His behavior was so unexpected and enchanting, she lost all
reserve and breathed, “I like you being in charge.”
    He made a noise that sounded of contentment and amusement,
then traced her jawline with his finger. “We’ll see.”
    She trembled at his touch and odd response. We’ll see? He still didn’t believe she was into this even after their kiss? Only one way
to prove her intent. She pressed her face to his neck and released all of her
weight into him.
    Daniel sucked in some air and spoke on a sigh, “What are you
    Not following, she murmured, “Making?”
    “Baking. Cooking.”
    Oh. “Pizza.” She imagined them feeding each other, with him
eating the pepperoni slices off her nipples and mound. “Hungry?”
    “The guys surely are.”
    She’d forgotten about them.
    Daniel eased away, giving Alexandra no choice except to
notice the rest of her guests.
    They’d removed their parkas and boots, dumping the coats on
a chair, leaving their shoes near the door so they wouldn’t track in snow or
mud. Red warmed his hands at the fire even though the cabin was nearly hot,
prepared for the coming debauchery. He wore that truth on his handsome face as
he studied her with unguarded interest. Nat popped Beer Nuts in his mouth, also
taking her in, as though she were tonight’s entrée. Junior eyed her thighs and
the booze in equal measure.
    “Help yourself,” she said, gesturing to the liquor. Her hand
shook slightly.
    “Uh-uh.” Daniel curled his fingers around her wrist. Despite
having been outside, his hand was already warm, wonderfully pleasant. He
brought her arm down. “We’re not helping ourselves.”
    Confused, she smiled. “Why not?”
    “You’re going to serve us.”
    His answer was as solemn as his expression. As imposing.
    He’d warned her that he’d be in charge, hadn’t he. She’d
told him she was into everything. Dominance. Submission. Discipline. This was
the beginning of it. Dizzy, she locked her knees to keep standing. “Okay. I’ll
serve all of you.”
    He released her hand. “Exactly as I want.”
    Was there any other way? Apparently not. Alexandra caught a
hint of danger and challenge in

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