Caught In The Act - An Erotic Short Story (Erotika For Women)

Caught In The Act - An Erotic Short Story (Erotika For Women) by Sophie James Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Caught In The Act - An Erotic Short Story (Erotika For Women) by Sophie James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sophie James
new morning ready to face the day ahead.
    Lunchtime finally came and Karen headed into town to pick up a few things for the party later that evening. She headed straight for the large department store as she could get everything she needed in one place. The store was busy with people trying to fit in a little retail therapy to make themselves feel better about their lives. Karen knew what she needed and headed straight for the menswear department. As soon as she saw it she knew it was perfect. She picked up the expensive wristwatch and casually slipped it into her large bag with the grace and sophistication of a seasoned cat burglar. She moved on and continued browsing the other items in the busy department.
    Frank’s day had been pretty ordinary so far. Nothing out of the ordinary had occurred to disrupt his regular patrols around the store’s busy aisles until he noticed the attractive, young woman hanging around the menswear department. He watched her intently as she picked up the cheap piece of costume jewellery and casually tried it on. It was a silver bracelet and was worth very little compared to the watch she had slipped into her oversize handbag just a few minutes before. She looked very confident and relaxed as she perused the trinkets on offer with no idea that she had been careless this time and that her actions had aroused suspicion in the store detective currently watching her every move. Frank had first become suspicious of the woman when she had spent a lot of time in one aisle looking as though she was lost. She also didn’t seem to fit in with the usual bunch of bored, lifeless shoppers that came in to the department store every day. He wasn’t sure but he suspected she was shoplifting so he had positioned himself so that he could see her but she could not see him. He had seen her pick up a rather expensive wristwatch, examine it closely and then drop it smoothly into her bag.
    He had been a store detective for a good few years now since retiring from the army and had seen just about everything there was to see. Just like all the others, she thought she was being very discrete and natural but she had been careless and now he had to approach her and ask her if she would kindly accompany him to the security office. That was the moment when they would do one of two things. They would either give themselves up and admit they had done it or they would run. He didn’t think she would run, she didn’t look the type and besides, the shoes she was wearing would make running extremely difficult. They were sexy red stilettos with very high heels. He thought she would probably burst into tears which was a shame because she was a very attractive woman with a great figure. “Probably not the best qualifications for being a shoplifter!” he thought to himself and smiled.
    He walked up behind her and examined her pert, shapely bottom and hips for a little longer than was necessary before tapping her on the shoulder and speaking the words that would end up ripping a gaping hole in her life.
    “Excuse me madam, I have reason to believe you have goods in your bag which you have not paid for.” he said as she turned round to face him. What struck him was just how beautiful and desirable she was. He had noticed that she was attractive when he first spotted her loitering in the menswear department but up close he realised that she oozed sexuality from every pore of her flawless complexion. She was the kind of woman who made other women instantly jealous despite them trying hard not to let it bother them. Men wanted her, they had to have her and if they did they would tell the world about their amazing fortune. Frank wanted her. He wanted her like no other woman he had ever encountered in the fifty two years he had been on the Earth. He had to have her, he would have her. She had eyes that made you forget everything and lips so red and full that Frank’s mind instantly registered an image of her

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