Caught In The Act - An Erotic Short Story (Erotika For Women)

Caught In The Act - An Erotic Short Story (Erotika For Women) by Sophie James Read Free Book Online

Book: Caught In The Act - An Erotic Short Story (Erotika For Women) by Sophie James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sophie James
Chapter 1
    The shrill, rude alarm clock beeped incessantly in its effort to alert the snoring body under the covers that it was time to wake up. That it was time to wake up and get with the program. The big man gradually returned to the waking world and with a sharp, precise swing of the arm silenced the alarm clock until exactly the same time the next morning. Frank swung his legs out of bed with military precision and entered the small bathroom to perform his usual, strict morning routine. Everything he did was carefully planned and carried out to the letter. His mother and twenty years in the army had moulded him into the man he was today. The army had turned him into an efficient, disciplined man who thrived on routine and order in all aspects of his life which was something he was very thankful for. His mother, on the other hand, had unwittingly instilled in him a hatred of women which was something he had no opinion of. It was just the way he was and there was nothing he could do about it. Her cruelness and coldness toward him as a child and young man had caused him to view his mother and all women through a warped, distorted perspective. As far as he was concerned all women were bitches and deserved all they got. Frank turned on the powerful, hot shower and stepped in. The pressure of the water helped to wake him and prepare him for another day at the store. He had to have his wits about him at work, the security of the shoppers and the profits of his employers depended on him being alert and watchful.
    Karen turned the corner only to see the red double-decker bus pull away from the bus stop ahead. “Damn!” she exclaimed. “Can today get any worse?” The morning certainly had got off to a bad start. She had overslept due to her alarm clock not alarming her as was intended and things hadn’t improved when her car failed to jump to life. It had been causing her problems for a while now but she couldn’t afford to get it fixed so she had left it and hoped for the best. That had proved to be a bad decision but she had no choice. Money was tight and she had to prioritise. Now she would be late for work for the third time this month and her boss would be on her case all day. She walked slowly to the now empty bus shelter and tried to collect her thoughts. She had a busy day ahead of her and this was not the start she needed. Tomorrow, her younger brother was flying out to Afghanistan with the rest of his regiment and there was to be a big party this evening. With everything that had happened to her family recently she really wanted everything to go smoothly and for her brother to return safe and sound. Hopefully her luck would improve. It couldn’t get a lot worse!
    As he always did every morning Frank listened to the radio while he got himself dressed into the uniform the store gave him. The DJ was talking to some woman about the issue of female priests and how they are advancing the cause of equality in the modern world.
    “Fucking bullshit!” he swore. “Women are only necessary in the bedroom and the kitchen.”
    He smiled at this little outburst although deep inside him a small ball of rage was beginning to grow into something bigger and more potent. This glowing ember was constantly with him, nagging him, reminding him that he was incomplete. That he wasn’t a proper man. If he had been a real man he wouldn’t have let his fucking mother do the things she had done to him in the name of love.
    “Fucking bitch!” he muttered to himself. He turned the radio off with a decisive, firm slap and turned to check his appearance in the full length mirror as he always did. The uniform they gave him was adequate but it was nothing like his army uniform. When he wore that he felt strong and powerful, this poor substitute made him feel just adequate. He strode down the stairs and picked up the lunch he had prepared for himself the previous evening before grabbing his coat and keys and stepping out into the

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