Change by Jevenna Willow Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Change by Jevenna Willow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jevenna Willow
    “Your honey is quite delicious, Mecenna,” he said,
licking his lips. “But you’re still an employee and I do not fuck
employees—because it just makes good business sense.”
    Ice-blue eyes trapped his. The venom and fury in their
depths unsettled his soul.
    “Have you ever fingered one of your employees before?”
she asked tartly.
    Casey smiled, perhaps only to make matters worse and
life surely more complicated for the both. “No. I haven’t. Just you.”
    Sara stood tall on jelly-filled legs and tried her
damnedest to make it seem as though Casey hadn’t put a lit match to a full can
of gasoline. Every pore in her body was tingling in anticipation. Every
molecule was set to explode. She’d nearly had a full blown orgasm by way of a
single finger shoved inside her, and the ingratiating smile on his face
signaled this as his every intention
    Therefore, she knew she had to react, kill guilt
before it set in. “And you won’t ever again.”
    She did not wait to see what his return reaction would
be to her words. Sara turned on her heel and walked swiftly to the dressing
room where she’d left her wrap. A full minute later, after she could calm down
long enough and not look so damn guilty in the mirror reflecting her image as
full-blown mockery, she left the building, wounded pride barely intact.
    Lace had taken the car, but the five-block walk would
do her good.
    This had been her every intention.
    Casey—one finger fucking bastard—thought otherwise. He
caught up to her a half-block away. “Get in the car, Mecenna.”
    Her steady strides did not stop. She placed one foot
in front of the other. Her arms swung back and forth, purely out of spite,
their pendulum arch high and deliberate.
    The infuriating man revved his engine nearer the
sidewalk. “I said…get in.” His tone left no room for doubt that he was pissed
at how the evening was turning out.
    Sara slammed on the internal brakes and turned to
glare at his arrogance. During the half-block near sprint, she’d been
contemplating on how to get even with the man for what he’d done to her inside
the club.
    Well, two could easily play his game. All she had to
do was figure out what the rules to the game were, then go on from there. How
hard could that be?
    Casey leaned over the console of his car and opened
the passenger door. “You’re not walking home at three in the morning Mecenna.”
    Sara meant to stay silent, but her temper got the
better of her. “Why the fuck not?”
    She watched Casey swallow, trying to get the words
past his tongue without choking on them. “Jesus, Mecenna, you are naked under
your wrap…and that could get you in a lot of trouble out here. Get in. I’ll
take you home.”
    Bloody Hell!
    She hated when he was right. This wasn’t exactly an
upscale neighborhood. But she didn’t want Mr. Know-it-all to be right.
She wanted to be angry with him. Not only with him…alas, with all men, as a
generality. He’d more than turned her body into an infernal flame of want over
need inside his club, but he’d tossed every emotion inside of her away, as if
yesterdays’ news, once it suited his needs. That hurt.
    She did not want any man to be able to hurt her again.
    “Fucking Hell, Mecenna! Get in the goddamn car! I
won’t wait much longer.” He glanced forward to check for traffic. At three in
the morning, Griffen’s fancy sports car was the only vehicle on the street. It
was a seedy street and not exactly the place to drive a one hundred
fifty-thousand dollars car on at three a.m.
    Equally, out of the corner of her eye, she could see
their conversation had caused interest in two men of ill character farther down
the block. They turned, switched money for a plastic baggie, and started coming
her way. Either she got into the devil’s car or she could deal with the devil’s
spawn while naked, half-drunk, and at three in the morning.
    With fury in her actions, Sara slid into Casey’s

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