Change by Jevenna Willow Read Free Book Online

Book: Change by Jevenna Willow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jevenna Willow
as his tongue battled hers. Her hands wound around his muscular neck, as his
fingers dug into her spine. She could feel the tense muscles at the base of his
skull, the erratic heartbeat inside the core of this man.
    Casey’s coiled readiness should have made her wary. It
did the exact opposite.
    Then, the on-start of a small smile pressed against
her lips. If kissing her in this way, sensual and passionate, one would think
he wouldn’t be smiling about it.
    Sara’s eyes opened. She watched in horror as that slow
smile lit up his eyes.
    A sudden sting of regret caught her by surprise.
    Sara snapped out of his embrace. Damnit. Guilt
was not what she wanted, and yet every fiber of her being had come alive by a
very sensual kiss.
     The last time this happened, she’d been left
heartbroken and alone. She couldn’t go through that again. Therefore, the only
sensible thing to do was to run from it—fast, hard…and again.
    Casey knew what headed his way, and for it, his hands
found her wrists and he held onto them for dear life. Mecenna had the want to
slap him written all over her face, and he was having none of her disobedience
    He watched her struggle with what she’d let him get
away with: the regret, the sudden shame. These very raw emotions only made life
more difficult for both.
    He was mildly surprised he could remain so fully under
control. Well, most of his body was. One vital part of his anatomy wanted
control lost in a real bad way.
    Still, the mutiny in her eyes showed clear through and
dared him to say exactly what was on his mind. It was something stuck on his
mind for the past few months. The moment he’d arrived at the club, saw Lace’s
car parked by the exit door, knew the women were inside, then saw Mecenna
hanging off the pole, was the moment Casey decided he had to do something
permanent about possible loss of control.
    Mecenna could easily react to what his body wanted,
but Casey dropped her wrists, put his hands to her face, pulled her to him
hard, and kissed her again.
    She fought against this second kiss for one brief
second, then gave in.
    She must not have figured on a second attack, but once
it began, there was nothing she could do to him to stop it. Other than, groin
him. Damage the goods on a man who more than interested her…and who could
certainly kiss the pants off a woman? No. Not hot Mecenna. She’d want him
whole, non-bruised; her undying curiosity increased by the simple molding of
their mouths.
    Casey walked Mecenna backwards. As he deepened the
kiss, the struggles in her body subsided. He bent her in half, and laid her
flat out on the stage.
    Casey had bent along with her to where he now lay on
top of her. He never once let go of her face.
    With deliberate purpose, her warm hands found his
waist as the pressure built to uncontrollable. Mecenna’s slender fingers dove
under his shirt. Her sharp nails scraped the sensitive skin on his sides, then
moved to the hairs across his pecs. Still, he would not let go of her face, or pull
his mouth from hers.
    They must have laid on the stage for a good five
minutes, just kissing. Five minutes of exploration, irrational behavior and
loss of reasoning. When it was over, Casey stood, readjusted his jeans,
straightened his shirt—a shirt Mecenna had nearly taken off him—and he held out
a hand to help her up.
    She looked at his hand. A half-second later, she
slapped it away.
    “You wanted this from me for a long time, Mecenna,” he
    She slid off the stage and glared. “Is that what this
was all about? What I’ve wanted from you?”
    Casey’s smile fell. The truth had to be said even if
it sounded cold-hearted, or crass. “No. You know damn well this was what I
wanted from you, too.”
    “My, my…the mighty Casey finally admitted he can be
knocked off his high horse,” she said tartly.
    This irked him beyond repair. An employee was all of
what this woman was to him, and she should learn her place—learn

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