Cheri Red (sWet)

Cheri Red (sWet) by Charisma Knight Read Free Book Online

Book: Cheri Red (sWet) by Charisma Knight Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charisma Knight
Tags: Erótica
Chapter One
    Thoughts of Tom and Dan plagued her mind as Cheri made copies and prepared a hard-copy presentation for her boss. She’d clearly seen lust brewing in both men’s eyes. Or were they fighting just as hard as she was to cover their feelings?
    Cheri insisted she’d handle things. Although they shared an awesome relationship, letting the ménage be known to the entire office would be detrimental to their careers. However, the fear of getting caught excited all three. Even so, they were all very careful.
    Tom walked over, giving her a slight nod. He knew exactly how to get her motor running. “How are you doing today?” he asked. “Are you almost finished with the presentation?”
    “Here ya go,” she chirped happily as she handed the presentation over to him.
    “See you at lunch?” He winked at her.
    “Definitely.” She watched as he exited the copy room. With a sigh she quickly cleaned the area she was working in and returned to her desk.
    As Cheri returned to her desk, Dan slipped out of the conference room next to her. “Where’s Tom? Does he have a copy of the presentation?”
    Cheri smiled. “Of course, he should be on his way.”
    “Thank you for working so quickly on this project for us.” He lowered his voice. “Do you still have time in your schedule for lunch this afternoon?”
    “Of course. Anything for my guys.”
    Just then, Tom walked into the lobby waving the report. “Let’s knock em dead.”
    “I wish you luck on the Murphy Project,” Cheri said with a smile. “You guys deserve this.”
    “Where would we be without you?” Dan added. “We’re so grateful for you.”
    “In more ways than one?” Tom said with a wink as they slipped into the room.
    “Look, you’ve got a visitor already.”
    The three walked to Tom’s black BMW. Springtime was in the air. The birds were chirping, and a warm breeze caressed her skin. Cheri’s dress pressed against her neatly shaved triangle, and a tingling sensation rippled through her body at the gentle reminder that she wasn’t wearing any panties.
    She smiled when Tom opened the passenger side. “You sit up front with me,” he said, motioning for her to climb in.
    Dan chuckled as he climbed in the back, and a strange sensation tumbled over her. She knew what these two wanted, and she was determined to make them work for it. Smiling like a Chesire cat, she climbed into the truck and situated herself in the leather seat.
    Dan cleared his throat, and put a hand on her shoulder. “You know, beautiful, I’ve been waiting all day for this. It’s been a demanding month, but now with the third quarter out of the way, we can spend some quality time together during the day. I’m hungry, but not for food at the moment.”
    “Well, what do you have in mind?” Cheri purred seductively. Her pulse raced and heat rose in her belly. She wanted nothing more at this moment than to be sandwiched between both men. She could hardly wait for tonight.
    “Are you taking us up on the invitation?” Tom asked.
    “What invitation,” she asked playfully.
    “Oooh, someone wants to play.” Dan chuckled as Tom reached out, caressing her thigh.
    “Nice,” Tom crooned as he gently squeezed her leg. “Oh, baby, you got me hard as steel,” he whispered to her. “One day you’ve got to let us make love to you in this truck.”
    “Maybe, one day,” she breathed. “Both of you, talk dirty to me now,” she demanded, ridding her soul of the stressful situation with Steve. “Tell me what you want to do to me,” she whispered breathlessly while squeezing her thighs together.
    “Well, doll,” Tom said in his deep voice. “I for one would love to bend you over the bed and pound the living hell out of that sweet pussy of yours.” He leaned over slightly, the tips of his fingers edging toward her heated treasure. “Then, maybe I can worship that luscious ass of yours as well,” he insisted with a groan.
    “Are you wet, baby?” Dan

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