Chocolate Dove

Chocolate Dove by Cas Sigers Read Free Book Online

Book: Chocolate Dove by Cas Sigers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cas Sigers
force. “I was almost raped,” she whispered. Her body shook as she held on to the banister and walked down the remaining five steps. Basra looked back at the home in disbelief. She could have been raped that evening and no one would have known. It was obvious Lance knew what she did for a living and he must have informed Campbell. So she couldn’t help but wonder that if Campbell told everyone about her occupation, possibly know one would even care that she was attacked. Basra walked down the street a few feet and hailed a taxi. She hopped in while wiping her face, even though the tears continued.
    â€œWhere to?” asked the driver.
    â€œChelsea, thirty-seven West Twenty-first,” she spoke, nearly out of breath.
    Basra placed her head against the window and let the tears continue to stream. Her legs and arms were still shaking as she heard Campbell’s words in her head. I don’t know a whore worth more than three grand . The tears welled more and rolled faster as she played the word “whore” repeatedly in her head.
    â€œI’m so stupid,” she whispered.
    Basra closed her eyes and tried to relax but her tears didn’t dry until well after the morning sun had blanketed the sky.

Chapter 4
    Basra spent the next day in bed. Though her mind flurried nonstop with thoughts, she couldn’t muster the energy to get dressed. She only rose from bed to relieve her bladder, but had no appetite for food. Around ten that night, her self-loathing emotions turned to anger. She began thinking about Lance and wondered what he had said to Campbell about her. Could the whole thing have been a setup? She wondered. Basra contemplated the situation for close to another hour and hopped from bed a little after eleven. She tossed on jeans and a T-shirt, and brushed her teeth. Moments later she was on her way up to the penthouse to pay Lance a visit. Basra had lived in the building for close to a year but had never been up to the top floor, which only held two apartments. Yet she knew where Lance lived, because he held parties every other month at his place and there was always morning-after buzz about the events in 15B.
    However, the elevator wouldn’t allow her to go past floor fourteen. Frustrated, she went back down to the lobby to speak with Abdul, the concierge with the huge crush.
    â€œHi, Abdul, you look nice this evening,” she flirted. “I was hoping you could help me out.” He obliged with a smile. “I’m looking for Lance, have you seen him?”
    â€œNot tonight,” he replied.
    â€œI need to get up to the penthouse.”
    â€œCall him,” Abdul suggested.
    â€œSee that’s it, I think he has my cell phone. We hung out and I asked him to hold my things ... You know what, never mind, I don’t want to bother you,” Basra said, batting her big, sad eyes.
    â€œLet me see if I can help,” said Abdul.
    He whispered to the other concierge and came from around the desk. As the two of them were stepping into elevator, Lance was exiting.
    â€œYou!” Basra yelled before turning to Abdul to say thanks.
    â€œWhat happened to you last night?” he asked.
    Basra pushed him back into the elevator and when the door closed she commenced to yell.
    â€œI was attacked because of you!”
    â€œYour friend Campbell tried to rape me! What did you tell him about me?”
    â€œI didn’t say anything to Campbell. He’s asked about you a few times and I told him you and Lucia were roommates. Hold up, he attacked you?” By now they were back to the top floor and Lance invited Basra in. “Start over, what happened?”
    Basra explained the entire ordeal, but to her surprise Lance wasn’t completely shocked.
    â€œSo he didn’t rape you?”
    â€œNo! But he tried. This is serious. Why aren’t you angry?”
    â€œCampbell gets out of control when he drinks and ...” Lance

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