Collared for a Night (Crimson Romance)

Collared for a Night (Crimson Romance) by Susan Arden Read Free Book Online

Book: Collared for a Night (Crimson Romance) by Susan Arden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Arden
Tags: Romance, spicy
clear liquid dripped from his crown. He slipped his cock in between her thighs. He pumped, spreading her ass cheeks, gazing down at his cock sliding between her thighs. If she only knew the things that sprang to mind. Damn him for not taking her right then and fucking there. He opened her pussy lips, stroking and rubbing her folds with his fingers until she whimpered.
    He spoke against her neck. “Only a few more minutes. Let me do this for you.”
    “I feel as though I want to flee.”
    He absorbed her jagged pulse, felt her heartbeat ramp and race. “But I won’t let you.” His voice chewed the words. He worked his finger around her clit. He licked her neck, scraping his teeth over her skin. “Mine, baby. You are mine to enjoy and savor.”
    He bent over her, pulling her tight against his groin. He pumped his cock, searching for her opening. Her slickness glided over his shaft, over his crown. His balls tightened. He swirled one finger down her slick folds, delving lower, sliding his finger against her slit. At the same instant, his cock found her wet opening. He thrust his finger inside her to prevent himself from giving into the urge to take her standing up against the wall. That type of fucking would be ruthlessly hard and near savage. She might think she wanted it down and dirty, but what she needed was to learn how to master her leopardess urges.
    Diana rocked her hips, riding his finger. He kissed and sucked a line across her neck and shoulders, keeping his canines from taking hold of her. With his cock and fingers, he delivered her to the brink of full-blown trembling. Her ring of intimate muscles quivered. Her pussy melted around his finger. She whimpered, and then he felt the deep waves within her core.
    He kissed her at the nape of her neck and inhaled the scent she released. She clenched and released around his finger. God, he wanted to thrust deep within her.
    Even more, he wanted to possess her beyond this cycle. “Diana, you’re incredible. So utterly raw and sensual. I could easily stay with you through this heat.” And the next .
    The synapses throughout his body absorbed her scent, branding him, and he accepted this imprinting, understanding the depth of his transformation.
    Diana panted and stopped moving. A mist of perspiration covered her body. He ran his hands over her skin. He kissed her shoulder, tasting salt and her scent. She shuddered under his palm, and he murmured, “You’re a vision when you climax.”
    She relaxed against him. “I never knew how good this could feel.”
    His brows knitted. Diana’s inexperience kept cropping up. He kissed her neck, savoring this moment in being the alpha who possessed her. His kitten had no idea of her capabilities. Diana’s inner nature was a mystery to her and so must be the type of leopardess she was destined to become. He should have known he’d be attracted to this type of woman. He pressed his forehead against her shoulder, riding out her orgasm.
    It had been a long time since he’d freed himself to feel anything beyond physical release during sex. For years, he’d kept all his emotions on lock-down. Until now.
    Diana turned in his arms. She lifted her face, pressing her mouth to his. She kissed him, moving her lips slowly over his mouth. She tasted him, absorbing his scent as her tongue snuck out to lick and outline his lips. Shawn held back for a moment, giving her the freedom to explore him. Then he raised his hand, tracing the line of her jaw, urging her mouth to open to him. She lurched a little when he wound his tongue around hers. He moaned his pleasure into her mouth until she relaxed against him with a soft echoing moan and opened her mouth fully to him.
    Her pliable body and this sweet kiss kicked his arousal into overdrive. An unexpected bolt of desire rocketed through his body. Her kiss was more arousing than rubbing up against her had been. A need to possess, not just taste, took hold of him. Shawn’s cock pressed against her

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