Cops - A Duology

Cops - A Duology by Kassanna Read Free Book Online

Book: Cops - A Duology by Kassanna Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kassanna
tightly around her nape. She darted her big eyes around the room, meeting his gaze. Her nostrils flared and she hurried toward him. The clothes she wore were clean but threadbare, and her jacket hung off her slim shoulders. Guilt filled him and the beginnings of a headache throbbed at his temple. It was his fault Marva was a junkie. He’d introduced her to drugs, eventually leading her to heroin.
    In high school she was an honors student with a full ride scholarship to Arkansas State University. She was able to hold it together for the first semester but he convinced her to skip classes and get high with him. Telling her she would do it if she loved him. That was the beginning of the end. Instead of rising to her standard he made her fall to his.
    Drugs became the focal point in their lives, and eventually cost them both friends and family. Her mom and dad arranged an intervention when they found out she was pregnant with Calista, and Marva left him to go into rehab. His girlfriend had been adamant that the baby would be healthy and drug-free. He’d even tried to get clean with her, avoiding the drug spots and throwing out the needles. Their resolve didn’t last long. To celebrate the birth of their daughter, they found a quiet spot in the hospitals garden sanctuary and got high before taking the baby girl home. They repeated the cycle with Caivin, except this time her parents would have nothing to do with them.
    It was Indiana that had been there through all the highs and lows, never wavering in her support. His sister even threw Marva a baby shower. He hung his head. No longer in a drug-induced haze he saw things in painful clarity. They sold every one of the gifts for some quick cash.
    But when his son was born and Indiana realized there was nothing to bring the boy home in or to, she went out and bought the necessary items all over again. He wanted so badly to get a hit and escape the ache that memories caused.
    Kevin splayed his fingers across the documents on the table in front of him. They were shitty parents, and it was time to step up. There was no way Marva could provide a decent home for their children without him.
    He snorted. Who was he kidding? Deep down, he wasn’t worth a damn to his girl or his children when he was around. Maybe one day, but not right now, and his kids deserved a chance. Indiana tried her best to give him one, and he fucked that up. He hoped he hadn’t screwed up his children too badly. Dirty could be the loving, supportive parent he and Marva weren’t prepared to be.
    Kevin swallowed and smiled at Marva. “Hey, baby.”
    “Kevin.” Tears brimmed Marva’s eyes. “I came as soon as I could. Are you all right?” Her tone was gentle. She fidgeted with her hair, twisting a strand between her fingers.
    “Yeah, I’m good. Withdrawal was a bitch, but I’m okay for now. You look nice.” He reached out. An officer stepped forward, and he dropped his hand. The no-touching rule was a pain in the ass. All he wanted to do was feel the soft curve of her cheek, to brush the tears away.
    “I’m staying with Claudette. She did my hair and gave me some clothes to wear.” Marva dropped her hand and crossed her arms, rubbing her biceps. She couldn’t be still. He knew the signs. She was jonesing.
    “When was the last time you shot up?” Kevin narrowed his eyes.
    “Two days ago…” she shook her head, “…or the day after yesterday.” She scratched her cheek, picking at a scab. “Claudette said the police would know if I was high and they would arrest me.”
    With him locked up, there was no one out there to protect Marva. Anybody could prey on her, including their friends. “Have you seen Dirty or the kids?” Marva was sensitive, so he needed to broach things carefully.
    “No. Don’t want them to see me like this. Your sister has them. I called Mom to see if she could go get them for me. I wanted to show Indiana I could care for the kids, too, but she hung up when I said hi,”

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