Cowboy Valentine
her hands on his sweat-slick chest, she eased her way down, impaling herself on him so deep that he was afraid he might break her. She squeezed him with her inner muscles and he hissed between his teeth. When she did it again, he reached forward and gave each of her nipples a pinch just hard enough to make her squeal.
    “I said, ride me. Just like I taught you.”
    Still gagged, she leaned back, balanced her hands on his knees, and began to raise her hips slowly up and down. Caleb stared at the gorgeous sight of her sex wrapped around his cock, the tight pink tissues stretching to accommodate him, leaving his shaft slick and shiny with her arousal. On the upstroke, her tiny clit protruded outward, like a little pink candy. He licked his thumb, reached forward and grazed it. In response, she squeezed him again, and he grunted like a bear.
    “Keep going,” he said.
    She rode him long and hard, the muscles in her thighs taut and sweat dripping between her breasts.
    The barn was sweltering hot, but nothing was hotter than Cora. Caleb watched her, hypnotized. When she leaned back to cant her hips higher, he took mercy on her and plucked the tank top from her mouth. He pulled it over her head, along with her bra.
    She took a deep breath and licked her lips.
    “You want to say something to me?” he asked.
    “I want to tell you that you have a big cock.”
    He smirked. “Anything else?”
    “Yeah. That it feels so good inside me.”
    With that, he grabbed her. “Stop. Don’t move.”
    Biting her lip, she planted her feet on the ground and stared at him.
    He slid down even lower on the sofa. Then he grabbed her hips, held her steady and began to fuck her from below, thrusting his cock up into her while she remained still.
    “Oh Jesus,” she murmured, closing her eyes.
    With each of his thrusts, her tits bounced and her nipples got even harder. She began to sob, lost in the pleasure of their fucking. He reached forward, lubed up the pads of his middle and index fingers in her arousal, and began to draw tiny circles on her clit. She arched her back deeper, licked her lips and let out a long string of swear words. She was so sexy she made him feel unhinged.
    “You gonna come for me, sweetheart?” he whispered. “Is this pretty little cunt gonna come?”
    “Yes,” she whimpered.
    Just then, the aluminum walls shook around them. Sunlight flooded the interior of the barn as the large double doors swung open.
    Cora and Caleb froze, trembling, as they listened to the voices rising from below.
    “Where is it?”
    “The post driver? Back next to those crates somewhere.”
    “I see the farm jack.”
    Caleb shut his eyes and swore silently. All three of his brothers: Dean, Daniel and Clark.
    “Who left these windows open?” Daniel said. He shut them with a bang.
    “Is someone in here? Caleb?” called Dean.
    Quickly but carefully, Cora slid off.
    Caleb pulled up his jeans and tucked his throbbing hard-on into his boxers as gingerly as he could. “Yeah, I’m in here!” he shouted, zipping up. His voice caught in his throat.
    Covering up her breasts, Cora stared up at him, eyes wide.
    “Don’t worry,” Caleb whispered, getting his T-shirt back on.
    “What the hell are you doing up there?” Clark said. Tools clanged around in the corner.
    “Hang on,” Caleb called out. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, got his hat back on, and dashed down the steps.
    Cora got dressed in a hurry and stayed where she was, inching up against the wall where no one would see her unless they went upstairs.
    From the expressions on their faces, it took his brothers all of ten seconds to figure out what he’d been up to in the loft. Dean, the eldest, just smiled, smacked him on the shoulder and walked back outside. But Clark and Daniel were ready to give him hell for bringing a girl up into the old pole barn. It didn’t matter that they’d all done the same thing at one time or another—their sole

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