Crash & Burn

Crash & Burn by Jessica Coulter Smith Read Free Book Online

Book: Crash & Burn by Jessica Coulter Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Coulter Smith
perfectly fine for them to see her naked. She’d just never been naked in front of anyone before. Not even other women. Bathroom visits were the only times the Black Daggers and Double Deuces had allowed her any privacy.
    As she settled in the middle of the bed, she watched Crash pulled a bottle of oil off the bedside table. She hadn’t even noticed it sitting there, but now she noticed other things too, like the bottle of KY warming gel. It seemed that they’d thought of everything. As Crash worked the oil into her back and shoulders, she found herself relaxing and becoming more comfortable with her nudity. Even when he kneaded the globes of her ass, she didn’t clench up.
    Crash worked his way down her legs, dug his thumbs into the soles of her feet and then worked his way back up her body again. When he asked her to roll over, she did so cautiously, knowing she would be completely on display. She watched for their reactions and they couldn’t hide the heat that entered their eyes at the sight of her body.
    Crash cupped her breasts, kneading them softly and lightly playing with her nipples. Moisture gathered between her thighs and she knew her body was preparing itself for their lovemaking. As his hands danced across her skin, her body relaxed even more. By the time he reached her thighs and gently parted her legs, her breathing was labored and she waited impatiently for the next step.
    Her gaze was hungry as she watched him undress, then noticed Burn was doing the same. They were beautiful! Their bodies were hard and lean; their cocks were waving proudly. She’d seen more cocks than she’d ever wanted to, but theirs were beautiful, perfect. And completely hers.
    Crash grabbed the warming lube off the table and squirted some on his fingers.
    He teased her, sliding his fingers up and down the lips of her pussy, before parting her and teasing her clit. No one had ever touched her there and she gasped at the contact.
    Her nipples tightened in response and she tried to stay loose. When he eased a finger inside of her, it burned a little, but he stroked her slowly until she adjusted to the intrusion.
    “Am I hurting you?” he asked.
    She shook her head, afraid if she told him it burned that he would stop, and she didn’t want him to. She wanted this to happen, very much. He added a second finger and she stretched even more. The books she’d read told her he was preparing her and she knew there was a huge size difference between two of his fingers and his cock. It scared her a little that it might hurt badly, but she was prepared to face it.
    When he finally crawled up the bed and settled his hips over hers, her heart was racing out of control. She hadn’t even noticed him donning the condom, but she felt the rubbery latex sliding against her thighs. He leaned down and captured her lips in a kiss that she felt all the way to her toes. His cock brushed against her and she tried not to tense as she felt him slowly enter her.
    Her body stretched to accommodate him, but it still hurt. It didn’t just burn, as he broke through her hymen, it hurt like hell. She couldn’t stifle her cry of pain and he stopped, frozen over her, a look in his eyes that told her that he was terrified of causing her more pain. He didn’t move for the longest time, but as her body adjusted to his size, she curled her hands over his shoulders.
    “You can move again,” she said.
    “It’s hurting you too much. Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”
    “Do you want me?” she asked.
    “More than anything.”
    “Then take me. I may be sore afterward, but I know you need to claim me to
    make me your mate. And I know Burn will need to do the same thing. Time is not on our side right now.”
    “I promise we’ll make this up to you.”
    He took her slowly, his body tense. When he reached between their bodies and played with her clit, the pain lessened and she began to enjoy herself a bit more. By the time he was sliding into her hard and fast, the

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