Crazy For You

Crazy For You by Marie Higgins Read Free Book Online

Book: Crazy For You by Marie Higgins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marie Higgins
everything accomplished in such a short time? He had to. His life—his very existence—depended on it. And he couldn’t get caught. He had the distinct feeling someone had followed him. If they found him, they’d take him back. That couldn’t happen until after he brought Terrel down.
    From out in the other room, Kendra ’s voice echoed in the kitchen as she said goodbye to her father. Eli hesitated in going out to talk to her. She’d be upset from what had just transpired between them. He couldn’t let her hate him. His whole plan would be ruined.
    “Eli?” she called.
    With a heavy sigh, he walked into the front room where she waited for him, arms folded across her chest and her lips tight.
    “Yes?” He took hesitant steps toward her.
    “We need to have a little talk.”
    “Okay.” He sat on the sofa.
    She remained where she was by the small bookcase in the corner of the room. “I talked with Terrel today.”
    He lifted his brow. Why wasn’t she going to yell at him for kissing her? “And what did he say?”
    “You mean you don’t know?”
    He shrugged. “Apparently not. I don’t know what lies he’s been telling lately.”
    “Well, let’s just say he painted a different picture of Joshua Montgomery than you did.”
    He creased his forehead. “Of course he did. Terrel has never liked Joshua because of the closeness Joshua and his father shared.”
    She shook her head. “See, there again, Terrel tells a different story.”
    He relaxed back in the cushions, crossing one leg over the other and stretching his arm over the back of the couch. “Oh, really? What exactly did he say?”
    “Only the truth.”
    “Maybe Terrel’s truth.”
    “The truth is the truth.”
    “And I guess you’re going to believe him over me?”
    “Of course. Terrel is my fiancé and you’re still a stranger to me.” She tucked a lock of her brown hair behind her ear.
    He stared at her while he wracked his brain with ways to convince her. But she wasn’t going to believe a stranger. This was only a temporary snag in his plan, but one he’d figure a way out of soon.
    He scrubbed his hand over his goatee. “Okay, let me think of someone you can talk to who knew Joshua when Adam was alive. Maybe a servant?”
    She shook her head. “I’ve already tried that. Apparently, Lisa dismissed Adam’s servants right after his death.”
    “I’m sure they’re around New York somewhere.”
    She huffed. “You’re bound and determined to make a liar out of my fiancé, aren’t you?”
    He jumped up. Taking three long strides, he stood in front of her. Color disappeared from her face, her eyes widening. Crap! He didn’t want to frighten her. Just the opposite.
    He inhaled slowly, cooling his fury. “ Kendra .” He caressed her cheek, loving the softness of her smooth skin. “I’m sorry you think the worst in me, but I must admit , I a m trying to prove your fiancé is a liar. I hate to point out the fact that I know him better than you, but I do. Terrel isn’t going to show you his bad side because he needs you, or more specifically, he needs your family’s influence.”
    Her chest rose and fell with her quick breaths. Did it stem from her fright or his closeness?
    “Give me one more day, please?” He ran the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip. “I’ll locate one of Joshua’s servants and you can ask them.”
    She licked her lips. “Eli, I don’t know anymore.”
    “Just one more day, please?” He leaned forward and kissed her neck, just under her ear. Her erratic pulse quickened, as did his heartbeat. This was too exciting, but he didn’t want to push her. Now was not the time to continue this.
    “One more day and that’s all,” she said in a shaky voice.
    Although he wanted to take her in his arms and smother her with kisses, he regained control over his impulses and pulled back. Her eyes had been closed and her lips slightly parted. And, when her lids fluttered open, her eyes were dark with passion.

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