Cyber Terror

Cyber Terror by Malcolm Rose Read Free Book Online

Book: Cyber Terror by Malcolm Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Malcolm Rose
Carlton Reed. We’d also have to believe he tried to repeat the performance to murder Captain Lazenby.” He analysed their faces, one after the other. “Like me, you’re finding
that hard to swallow, Kate.”
    “Raven isn’t sure and you, Jordan, think there’s something in it.”
    At the same time, Jordan and Raven both said, “Yes.”
    “So, we have a difference of opinion. But it’s possible Suffolk’s just a coincidence. Yes?”
    Jordan sighed. “I suppose.”
    “By the same token, it’s possible it isn’t,” Angel continued. “So we need to look into it. Since you believe in it most, Jordan, you check it out.”
    “Okay. But...”
    Angel smiled, anticipating his question. “You should consider yourself lucky that Short Circuit didn’t manage to destroy the Edinburgh plane and its pilot. You have a witness.
It’d be interesting if Captain Lazenby knew Victoria Truman, Carlton Reed and Paige Ottaway when they were alive, wouldn’t it? If he did, you’d convince us all that
Suffolk’s the common denominator.”
    Jordan nodded eagerly. “I’ll go and find out.” He hesitated before adding, “I’ll get photos of them – in case he only knew them by sight.”
    Using the laptop on Angel’s desk, Raven soon located Captain Lazenby. “He’s just landed in Stockholm, Sweden,” she reported, “but after an overnight rest,
he’s flying into Heathrow. He’s got to be here tomorrow.” She looked up at Jordan and said, “What’s up? You look...”
    “Stockholm’s one of the places in that song.”
    “You think he’s in danger?” Kate asked.
    Jordan nodded.
    “I disagree,” Angel said. “Short Circuit won’t attack another plane piloted by Lazenby. If he did, we’d know for sure who he’s after. That’d be
revealing too much about himself.”
    “Does he care?”
    Angel thought for an instant. “He enjoys being mysterious. He enjoys the fact that we don’t know where he is and why he’s doing what he’s doing. He likes us to know only
what he tells us in his messages.”
    Jordan shrugged.
    “What could we do anyway?” said Kate. “Tell Lazenby to be careful, or not to fly back?”
    Raven stifled a yawn. “He’s booked to be in Ipswich Town Hall tomorrow night.”
    “Why?” Jordan asked.
    “Apparently, his home town’s giving him an award for bravery. He’s already been given the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh. He’s become something of a celebrity since the
crash, but a reluctant one. He’s never talked about it. Not in public. Tomorrow, it’s a private ceremony. No cameras, no press. Just a council photographer to snap the
    “Was Ipswich in the ‘Ramblin’ Man’ lyrics?” Kate asked.
    “Ipanema, yes, but not Ipswich,” Raven replied with a grin. “Brazil or Suffolk. I know where I’d rather be.”
    “ You don’t have a choice, Jordan,” said Angel. “Make your way over to Ipswich tomorrow. I’ll get you a pass into the award ceremony. And I’ll tell a
contact in the local police what’s happening. They can prime Lazenby so he’s expecting to talk to you.”
    Jordan felt relieved. His fears about the Stockholm flight had come to nothing. There hadn’t been another aeroplane disaster so he could speak to Phil Lazenby after the
pilot had received the Freedom of the Borough of Ipswich. The task was important but easy.
    The paved square outside the gothic building was alive with people. Some gathered in small groups, some strode past on their way to somewhere else, some went up the steps and through the Town
Hall’s imposing arches below the clock tower.
    A steward eyed Jordan suspiciously and checked his pass carefully before welcoming him into the Town Hall. “Good evening, Sir. Can I remind you that we’re not allowing cameras or
phones that take pictures tonight? You can leave any such devices with the cloakroom staff. Then you can go right in and take your seat.” He waved his arm towards the ground-floor

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