Dancing on the Wind

Dancing on the Wind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo Read Free Book Online

Book: Dancing on the Wind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
    “Don’t you dare!” she said. “This blouse cost me a small fortune.”
    “Then take it off!” he snarled, and rolled off her, coming to his feet beside the bed in
    one lithe bound. The dark burgundy pullover he was wearing was gone before she had
    time to take another breath, the wide expanse of his powerfully cut chest making her
    mouth water as he stood there running the buttons on his jeans. When he spared her a
    quick, impatient glance, she quickly rolled to the opposite side of the bed and began
    stripping off her blouse and slacks.
    Fallon turned his back, sat down on the edge of her bed to take off his sneakers and
    socks before standing and shoving the jeans down his long legs. Facing the bed once
    more, the breath caught in his throat for his new partner—actually the only one he’d
    ever had—was standing on the other side of the mattress as naked as the day she’d
    been born and looking far too innocent for his state of mind. He watched her face pale
    and had to wonder what she’d seen in his expression that had caused that reaction.
    Keenan swallowed hard for there was rampant lust flashing through those striking
    eyes of his and as his tongue came out to sweep across his upper lip like a man ready to
    feast at a banquet, she trembled.
    “Don’t hurt me, Fallon,” she said, putting a knee to the coverlet. She had to clamp
    her mouth shut to stop her teeth from chattering.
    Hurting her was the last thing on Fallon’s mind as he got on the bed, stretching out
    on his side, his entire body tensed and primed. He wanted to lose himself in her silken
    folds, but for the first time in his life, he found himself wanting to give as much
    pleasure in the act as he was about to receive.
    “Come here, baby,” he said gruffly, lifting his left arm so she could place her body
    close to his. He made a mental note to go slowly with her—easy, gently—though he
    was on fire wanting her beneath him.
    The moment they touched flesh to flesh something uncontrollable spread over the
    both of them. He was on his back with her atop him. He locked his arms savagely
    around her, her thighs outside his own. Their mouths greedily fed upon the other’s lips,
    Dancing on the Wind
    tongues dueling like serpents, bodies grinding together. They twisted and writhed
    upon the mattress, grunting and moaning until he flipped her over, sliding down her
    body to fasten his mouth upon one hard little nipple.
    Keenan moaned and buried her hands in the thick darkness of his wavy hair. The
    texture of it sent shivers of delight down her arms for it was soft and clean and like dark
    chocolate flowing through her fingers. She closed her eyes to the sensations he was
    wreaking upon her body as he licked at her nipple and nibbled it, flicked his tongue
    across it then sucked it deep into his mouth. His right hand was beneath her left leg, his
    fingers stroking lightly along the ultrasensitive flesh behind her slightly upraised knee.
    As he shifted his attention to her other nipple, she shivered for his hand now cupped
    the upper part of her calf and he was lifting her leg over his back. She slid the sole of
    her foot along his firm buttock and heard the growl deep in his throat.
    The scent of her filled Fallon’s nostrils and he released her nipple to writhe his way
    down her sleek, supple body until he was lapping at the sweet indention of her navel.
    She tasted like mangoes and where his tongue flicked, the flesh rose in gooseflesh.
    He moved lower still until he was staring wide-eyed at the sensually cropped patch
    that grew in a heart shape upon her mons. Perfectly trimmed with no sign of stubble
    above the deep V of the heart or along its slightly curved sides, the hair beckoned his
    fingertips to touch the wiry curls, to test their springiness and softness. He threaded his
    fingers through the short spirals.
    “How?” he asked, his breath blowing across her flesh.
    She knew what he meant. “Laser.”
    “Ah,” he

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