Dark Redemption

Dark Redemption by Elle Bright Read Free Book Online

Book: Dark Redemption by Elle Bright Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elle Bright
apologize. I want to do those sorts of
things too. We just have to wait a while. Put a little space between us and our
families first. That way, maybe date night might not turn out to be so
Kate chuckled. “True. I like a little action on my dates, but that was a bit
“Agreed,” Dominic said with a grin. “Let’s save target practice and the
exchange of gunfire for special occasions.”
“Deal,” Kate agreed. “So, where are we going now?”
              “South. I have a place we can stay down there while my
people get the plane ready.”
“But where is the plane taking us from there?”
Dominic’s dark eyes were sad and tired. “I don’t know, cara,” he sighed. “Wherever we have to go to keep you safe.”
“And you,” Kate added.
“And me,” Dominic repeated, his tone less than convincing. 
knew what that tone meant. If push came to shove, Dominic would sacrifice his
own safety to protect her. Little did he know, Kate would die before she ever
let that happen. If he was going down, she was going
down with him.

The days that followed passed in a blur. Dominic’s people had prepared the
villa and they’d found it ready upon their arrival. Every effort had been made
to make Kate comfortable. Fresh blood bags had been stocked in the
refrigerator. The windows had been covered with black-out curtains. There was
even a tiny chocolate on her pillow.
Dominic would occasionally go out while Kate slept, to pick up essentials or to
take care of his business, but otherwise laid beside
her each day. When the night would come, Kate didn’t bother asking to go out.
She knew better. They talked, drank, laughed, and made love, but the ignorant
bliss of their earlier days was gone. The reality of their situation hung over
them like a black cloud.
Their families could discover them at any time. An enemy could come knocking at
any moment. Kate knew Dominic could protect them, but hated the idea of more
bloodshed. She hated the impermanence and uncertainty of their situation, of
not knowing what the future would bring. Would they run? Would they get caught?
It seemed they would always need to look over their shoulders for enemies in
the shadows.
Yet, it didn’t really matter. Kate had Dominic. He was all the certainty and
security she needed.
When the sun sank beneath the coastal horizon on their third day in Naples,
Dominic made Kate drink donor blood until she thought her stomach would burst
and her veins would explode. After she’d tanked up, Dominic told her it was
time to leave again. Kate didn’t question, she didn’t need to. If he felt it
was time to move on, she was ready. Besides, she could hide in a dark room
Kate followed Dominic around to the back of the villa. They drew to a stop in
front of a shiny black motorcycle. With its smooth curves and sleek body, it
looked expensive and fast. It looked like road rash in the making.
Kate tensed, hoping Dominic had a different mode of conveyance in mind.
“What’s this?”
Dominic patted the seat with an affection bordering on reverence. “It’s a
customized MV Agusta F4 CC.”
              Kate chuckled, “Yeah, I wish
that jumble of letters meant something to me.”
called a motorcycle, cara . People, you know, ride on the back of them.”
Kate smacked his shoulder playfully. “I know it’s a motorcycle, but what are we
doing with it?”
Dominic cocked a teasing brow at her. “We’re going to ride it.”
“B-b-but, where’s the Maybach ?”

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