Dark Revelation

Dark Revelation by S.E. Myers Read Free Book Online

Book: Dark Revelation by S.E. Myers Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.E. Myers
    Breakfast proceeded as normal and after the dishes were cleared, the new family retired to the living room.  Ryleigh wondered who this uncle was that was now part of her new life.
    Fin stared at Ryleigh, thinking to himself how much she resembled his sister, her mother.  Drawing breath, he apologized, “Ryleigh, I am so sorry that until now we have had no contact.  But…your mother and father wanted it that way.  They wanted no part of this kind of life.”  Fin gestured towards the house.  Ryleigh was confused.  Why would her parents not want money in their lives?  She thought maybe they wanted to make it on their own.  Her dad was a contractor and her mom stayed at home - she thought they did pretty well.  Interrupting her thoughts Fin said, “I know you must be wondering what is going on and why I am here…” He drew closer to her placing his hand on her knee, “…but, I must reassure you that we want nothing but the best for you.”  Ryleigh’s heart started to race and she felt a little more than uncomfortable.
    A pulling sensation emanated from the where Fin placed his hand.  Ryleigh looked at her aunt who was sitting across from her calmly.  Ryleigh started to panic and grabbed Fin’s hand.  “Fin!” Vera barked.  Fin removed his hand and Ryleigh started to breathe a little more easily.  “Please, please excuse me,” Ryleigh said standing up from the couch.  She felt as if she were going to lose the breakfast she just consumed.  Barely making it to the bathroom on time, she wretched violently.  Ryleigh thought her internal organs were going to come lose from the amount of vomiting she did.
    Gently at the door Vera called to her, “Ryleigh, are you okay?”  Ryleigh leaned her forehead onto the seat of the cool porcelain toilet knowing that it was clean enough to eat your lunch from.  “Yeah, I’ll be okay.  Just, uh, give me a minute.  I think I overdid it this morning.”  But even as the words spilled from her mouth, she knew it wasn’t true.  She knew that there was something more in the works here.  And she was going to find out what it was exactly.
                After Ryleigh’s vomiting episode, Fin and her aunt vanished into the study that doubled as Vera’s office.  Returning to the living room, Ryleigh stared out the large picture window at the picturesque landscape. Had the accident not happened, she would be home hanging out with Cy.  Who she needed to call, desperately.  With Vera’s home separated from the surrounding community, there didn’t seem to be anyone her age for her to connect with.  Ryleigh wasn’t sure what the rules and limits were without incurring the wrath of Siegfried.  She had a feeling he didn’t like her. 
    Voices rose from behind the dark heavy door.  The deep baritone of her uncle resonated through the wood.  Vera’s quiet undertones barely audible.  This was her new family.  Family.  More than her parents.  What a strange concept. 
    She’d always been jealous of other kids growing up.  Around holidays, birthday’s, gatherings, she would wonder what it would or could be like to have family other than her parents.  Now that these relatives found her, she didn’t know how to feel.  Betrayed?  Did her parents betray her? How could they have segregated themselves from their own blood?  Having craved family her entire childhood – grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles – Ryleigh was disappointed.  She felt guilty for allowing these feelings to surface.  How could they have excluded this side of family from her?  She’d always felt so lonely.  And now, she wouldn’t have to.  Would she?
                Interrupting her thoughts, the door to the study opened abruptly and Fin stormed out.  “You mind what I said Vera.  You mind it or you will be on the other side.”  Vera watched him walk out the front door.  Vera brushed her hands down the front of her jeans and Ryleigh

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