DEAD: Reclamation: Book 10 of the DEAD series

DEAD: Reclamation: Book 10 of the DEAD series by Tw Brown Read Free Book Online

Book: DEAD: Reclamation: Book 10 of the DEAD series by Tw Brown Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tw Brown
become some sort of legend by writing it here.
    Words are power. They last for all time. Whether you write them or say them, once they are out there, they live for eternity.
    I actually found this journal in his backpack. It belonged to a girl named Suzi McFarlane. Most of her pages had been torn out. I don’t know why, I didn’t ask. I have no idea what became of the poor girl that used to write in this book, all I do know for certain is that this guy will never do anything to anybody again.
    So…why have I appointed myself the judge, jury, and executioner of these scum bags? Simple. I was a dad before the zombies came. And it wasn’t zombies that took my precious little girl away from me. Death by zombie would have been a kind mercy compared to the fate my angel suffered at the hands of Ward Thomas Wilson.
    Sorry…I had to stop writing for a minute. I spent a while kicking some garbage around. I am sure you get my meaning. Then I had a good cry. Not enough years will pass that I won’t randomly break out into tears over losing my baby girl.
    You might be wondering why I would use Ward Thomas Wilson’s name, and not the name of that piece of crap that is sobbing just a few feet from me as I write this entry. Easy, Ward Thomas Wilson is a name that belongs in history. He put me into motion as the man I am today. He launched me on this quest that has no apparent ending. It is Ward Thomas Wilson that has helped bring the painful deaths I have handed out to the eighty-nine souls that now burn beside him in Hell.
    Entry Two—
    And now there are ninety.
    He cried. Actually, he cried more than most. When I told him that he had to tell me every single thing that he did to that poor boy, he thought that I was joking. When I applied that cord to his scrotum and pulled it tight, he figured out that I was entirely serious.
    I always make them spill the details, because I want to make them admit to the sick shit they have done. Most of them start crying when I ask them to tell me what they might think if I were to do those things to them. The main reason I want them to say all their crimes out loud is because I like to watch their eyes. Those are the window to the soul.
    His eyes were full of guilt. That is why I took them before he died. He might have continued crying…hard to tell with all the blood.

    Geek Surprise
    “I’m so sorry, Kevin,” Catie said with a sigh and the warning of tears in her voice. She leaned on him and rested her head on his shoulder.
    Kevin did not know what he felt as he stood at the edge of a clearing that was being reclaimed by nature. He leaned on his walking stick and felt the months he and Catie had spent on the road sort of sink into him.
    The journey had not been one that he took with any real hope; however, it was still a soul crushing experience to see what he accepted as evidence that his mother and sister had not survived.
    “I want to go look inside.” Kevin started forward, but Catie grabbed his arm.
    “Darling, I know this is something you needed to do, but do you really think you want to see what is in there?”
    Kevin turned to Catie and brushed a lock of her hair from her face. She had that look in her eyes that he knew so well. It was a look of fierce protection. While he was certainly able to fend for himself, Catie had been at his back more times than he could remember over the years.
    The two of them had never intended for their relationship to blossom into what it had become—into what it was today. The funny thing was that he had Aleah to thank for the whole thing. He shook his head to clear it. Now was not the time for daydreaming.
    “I need to go in there for my own peace and closure.” Kevin unshouldered his backpack, placed it on the ground beside Catie’s, and started forward, not bothering to look back. He knew without a doubt that Catie would be there at his side.
    Reaching the dilapidated

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