Deceptive Changes: Kat LaMond Book 1

Deceptive Changes: Kat LaMond Book 1 by R A Baker Read Free Book Online

Book: Deceptive Changes: Kat LaMond Book 1 by R A Baker Read Free Book Online
Authors: R A Baker
want, but I think the guys would be disappointed.” 
    Yeah, I could see the disappointment on their faces in my head.  “You’re right.” 
    Todd lifted me into his arms and carried me into the bedroom.  He was still naked and definitely happy that I was against him.  He plopped me on the bed and Trace and Erick held me against the pillows.  I tried to struggle but it was half-hearted and the towel slipped off my breasts.
    They each cupped a breast and sucked on my neck, teasing and biting.  I whimpered and fisted my hands.  I felt Todd climb onto the bed but I couldn’t do much but whimper and bite my lip to keep from crying out.
    The towel disappeared from my body and Todd’s tongue slid across my clit.  I cried out and grabbed at the first thing I could, it just so happened that it was Trace’s and Erick’s dick.  I tightened my hands as Todd sucked on me.  He expertly brought me and then slid up my body.  He entered me smoothly and kissed my mouth.  I could taste myself on his tongue. 
    Trace and Erick’s hands were still on my breasts but were held in place by Todd’s chest.  Todd kissed me as he thrust.  I picked up the rhythm quickly and felt the orgasm building.  His rhythm faltered a moment.  I could tell he was close as well.  He murmured in my mouth and I nodded, still kissing him.
    He gave a few hard thrusts and I climaxed, crying my passion into his mouth.  He came a moment later and groaned, his breath vibrating in his chest.  Todd pulled out and kissed my neck.  “Don’t move, Kat.” 
    I stayed where I was, keeping my eyes closed, relishing the bits of orgasm that made my bones jelly, and felt someone else enter me.  I opened my eyes and saw Trace.  Wow, okay.  He gave me a small smile, then started in on a rhythm that suited both of us: pushing, gyrating, and bringing me again and again before he came himself.  He kissed my neck and murmured to stay where I was.  Like I could actually move.
    Erick was next.  He pushed into me and licked my jaw to my neck, biting the tender flesh.  I moaned and whimpered and sighed for him and each murmur and sound spurred him on. 
    We came together, crying our passion onto each other’s throats.  As the orgasm had hit we had been nibbling on each other’s necks. 
    Erick collapsed on top of me, sated.  I was breathing heavily but couldn’t get the necessary oxygen.  I patted his arm and he lifted onto his elbows.  As I breathed I could feel him breathing against my stomach.  It was too intimate a contact.  I convulsed against him.
    Erick slid out of me and shivered.  I lay on the bed and couldn’t move.  I was more than just done, I was nearly comatose. 
    Erick slid down to where he could put his head on my stomach and Trace and Todd laid up against my shoulders.  We fell asleep cuddled in each other’s arms.

Chapter Five
    I woke up to pounding.  What the hell was going on?  I tried to move but found that I was trapped between warm bodies.  I groaned and tried to fall back to sleep but the pounding was incessant.  “I need to get up.  Someone’s pounding on the door.  I think.”
    The bodies moved allowing me to slip off the bed.  I grabbed the robe that was hanging on the door in the bathroom, slipped into it and tied the sash at my hip.  Still mostly asleep, I stumbled out of the room, nearly tripping over air as I made my way to the door. 
    “Charles?” I said, blinking hard to focus.
    “We have to go.  It’s time,” he said, in his usual dry, and crisp, voice.
    I nodded, finally waking up.  “We’ll be ready, Charles.”  He bowed and walked away. 
    I shut the door and walked into the bedroom.  Everyone was awake but not dressed or out of bed.  “That was Charles.  I guess it’s time to get ready and kill some bad vamps.”  Everyone groaned. 
    “I’ll call Charles and tell him we’ll do it in a little while.  I’m too tired to kill vamps,” Todd said. 
    I chuckled and climbed

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