Demon Possession

Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay Read Free Book Online

Book: Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kiersten Fay
with him. Yes, he would definitely return her to hel .
    Maybe she shouldn’t answer at al . Pretend ignorance of his language. Pasting a look of confusion on her face she shook her head as if to sayI don’t understand. The smal movement was painful, causing her eyes to go temporarily blind. She let her head drop to the soft pil ow beneath it.
    “Sebastian, she’s stil recovering. She could stil be in shock.” A voice offered from her right. Her gaze darted painful y to the other man, she recognized him as a doctor.
    Sebastian’s harsh gaze didn’t waver. It became darker as he silently demanded an answer from her.
    Analia decided to remain quiet.
    “When did you sneak onto my ship?” He emphasized the word my. When she didn’t answer he leaned his body over her, bringing his face close to hers, his hands landing on either side of her head, boxing her in. Two inches was the only thing that separated them. “You wil answer me.”
    The warmth of his breath rol ed over her and stroked her skin making her shiver. She stared, wide eyed. His golden glare bore into her, demanding obedience and surrender. Something protruding from his hair caught her attention.Horns?Her heart picked up a notch and her breath hitched. His features were godlike, perfectly shaped. She felt the need to touch his face but her arms stil would not respond. Then for some reason she became hypnotized by his lips. As she inhaled his delicious scent her mouth watered for a taste. Ever so slowly she inched forward. His lips parted slightly, encouraging her. With a start she realized she was becoming … aroused?
    “Can you speak miss?” Thankful y the doctor interjected, freeing her gaze and putting an end to …whatever it was she was about to do.
    Sebastian pushed away from her with a growl.
    They must have given her something, she rationalized, some kind of drug. Darius never hesitated to keep her drugged for long periods of time. Grinding her teeth she thought, this was turning out to be just another hel ship.
    Then she realized why she couldn’t move her arms or legs. She was strapped down. Al thought left her and she cried out, struggling against the restraints.
    Anger soon turned in to panic as she fought uselessly to free herself.
    The doctor placed his hands on her shoulders to hold her stil . “It’s okay. We only strapped you down so you wouldn’t rol off the bed.” His attempt to calm her didn’t work. As she continued to flail she could feel the skin around her wrists start to break and bleed. Breathing was becoming labored as the panic grew like a virus inside her.
    “Calm yourself woman.” Amazingly she stil ed at Sebastian’s clipped words. His voice, stil commanding, held a hint of concern. Or was she imagining that? Staring straight at the ceiling, drawing in deep breaths, she contemplated how that one phrase had diminished her distress.The drugs?She quickly surmised. The concern in his voice was only for his equipment, and not for her wel being. She registered the feel of hot tears streaming down her face.
    Sebastian continued, “The restraints wil stay until I receive answers.”
    “How do you feel?” The doctor resumed his questioning, as if he hadn’t stripped her wil away with his drugs.
    She locked her jaw and stubbornly refused to talk.
    He then focused his attention on Sebastian and they began speaking as if she wasn’t there. “I’ve healed her as best I can,though I suggest she get some sustenance in her, so her body can take over the healing process. I’m not sure what species she is. The shape of her ears should give us a clue.”
    Analia knew herears were abnormal, pointed with a slightly rounded tip. She had never seen anyone with ears like hers. It was the one thing that made her feel more alone than being locked away in isolation.
    “What of her blood sample? Have you found anything there?”
    Blood!Analia again became alarmed. Would they be able to determine her ability though her blood?Would there

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