Destiny and a Bottle of Merlot

Destiny and a Bottle of Merlot by Bria Marche Read Free Book Online

Book: Destiny and a Bottle of Merlot by Bria Marche Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bria Marche
need to change my cable service. Flipping the TV off meant Vic either had to make dinner, or go out to eat. She called Tina.
    “Hey, woman, did you have dinner yet?”
    “No, and I’m glad you called. Are you back from your sexcapade?”
    “Jealous?” Vic asked, laughing with sheer pleasure.
    “Hell yeah, I’m jealous. So where do you want to meet?” Tina stripped off her sweats while she put Vic on speaker phone. She pulled a pair of jeans and a lightweight sweater out of the closet.
    “Let’s meet at Bottoms Up in twenty minutes. Out.” Vic hung up before Tina even had time to respond.
    “Alrighty then…” Tina hung up and changed her clothes, tossing her sweats on the bed for later. She studied her features closely in the bathroom mirror as she brushed her teeth. I’m not bad looking. Actually, I’m kind of hot. I should start looking for a man too. Everyone that has one seems happy. They might be on to something.
    Vic was waiting at the bar in Bottoms Up when Tina arrived. The glass of Merlot she drank was already due for a refill. “What the hell took you so long?”
    “Well, shit, Vic. You didn’t even give me time to tell you I had to change clothes and look somewhat decent before stepping out for the night. Do I have the news for you, girl.”
    Tina flagged down the bartender and ordered a glass of Merlot for herself.
    “Well… spill already.”
    “Not until I get my wine. So how was your first slumber party at Max’s house, or didn’t you guys slumber at all?” Tina wore the evil ‘tell me all the dirt’ grin on her face as she leaned in, foaming at the mouth.
    “It was spectacular. I swear it was the Fourth of July with our own personal fireworks. Max is the best, and sexiest, man I’ve ever been with in my entire life.”
    “So how many does that make now… two?” Tina’s wine arrived just in time, now that the talk was getting salacious.
    “No… three,” Vic pouted. “You forgot about Jimmy Vega, junior year in college.”
    “Sure as shit, you little tramp.” They both burst out laughing at the thought. “Let’s get a bottle of wine. What I have to tell you might take a while.”

Chapter Seven
    Vic’s ears were burning by the time Tina finished talking. The conversation lasted all the way through dinner, desert and two coffees. They walked out together, both shaking their heads at the balls Jack had to call Sasha yesterday.
    “Let’s go see what she’s doing,” Vic suggested. “It isn’t that late, and our showing up will tell her she has true friends. I’ll meet you there.”
    Vic and Tina each went to their individual cars. Tina took the lead with Vic right behind her. They drove the mile and a half to Sasha’s Victorian. Vic parked along the curb, hearing the usual scraping sounds of rims hitting the cement curb. “Son of a bitch, I seriously can’t park. What the hell is wrong with me anyway?”
    “How much time do you have?” Tina said, laughing. “Vic, there’s only a couple of lights on in the house. This place is way too big for one person. It would creep me out.” Tina pointed to the singular light upstairs and the one in the formal dining room.
    “She doesn’t own any furniture yet, what do you expect?” Vic asked.
    The long sidewalk had newly planted mums on either side, making it a little less spooky. Enormous bronze coach lamps illuminated the front porch. Tina noticed two of her card table chairs sat on the porch. A small potted fern was placed between them.
    “I swear I’m going to cry. She’s alone in there, Vic, and she’s trying to take on so much of this herself.” Tina wiped an eye as they clanked the pineapple door knocker.
    A tiny, meek looking face peered out through the sheers gathered on the side lights. Sasha opened the door, surprised that Vic and Tina were standing on her front porch. “Hi, guys. What are you doing here?” She wore her pj’s and bathrobe with floppy, pink slippers. A small smile spread across her face.

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