Destry by Lola Stark Read Free Book Online

Book: Destry by Lola Stark Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lola Stark
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Adult
“Save me a dance,” he whispered before moving away and sauntering down the steps like that whole situation hadn’t affected him in the least. Meanwhile, I stood stock still with what I’m sure could be described as lust-filled glossed-over eyes, a racing pulse and damp panties. My libido was now in full swing and we hadn’t even left the porch.
    “Saw that.” Austin’s laughing voice startled me out of my fog. “Come on. Let’s get you in the truck before you spontaneously combust.” I picked my jaw up off the ground and followed him down the steps to where the boys’ trucks sat. I expected we’d just be jumping into Austin’s big Chevy 2500 Silverado; it was a nice piece of machine in its own right and made for a nice ride that fit all of us in, but before I made it to the back doors, a hand wrapped around my forearm.
    “Ride with me?” Destry asked in a sultry voice, pulling me gently into his body. As I stumbled, my hands fell flat on his chest where I could feel his strong steady heartbeat. My brain short-circuited and I was sure if we were in a cartoon, my tongue would have rolled out of my mouth and I would have melted into a puddle. Staring up into his gorgeous blue eyes, I managed to make my head move up and down without blurting out how much I’d like to climb his body like a tree. He waved everyone else off as they pulled out of the drive, and led me around the side of the house where the gravel path continued.
    I came up short when Destry stopped and opened the door to a baby blue 1976 Chevy pickup. It was nothing short of extraordinary, fully restored to its original glory, complete with reupholstered gray bench seat and what looked to be the reconditioned smooth metal steel. “Wow,” I breathed, leaning in and running my hand along the dash. A deep groan sounded behind me, poorly covered up by the clearing of a throat. I was wearing a tiny denim skirt and bending over, and oh, good Lord, I was flashing Destry, who was still standing behind me, holding the door open. I straightened myself quickly without thinking and smacked my head on the doorframe. “Ouch!” My hand shot up to the back of my head where I’d connected with the metal. I’d hit it hard enough that I could feel an egg forming under my fingers.
    “Ah, shit” he mumbled, grabbing me by the hips and spinning me round. He then planted my ass on the seat so I was facing him, my legs hanging out the door. “Let me see,” he said, squatting down in front of me while carefully touching my head and feeling around in my hair with his hands.
    “I’m okay. It’s just a tiny bump.” I winced when his fingers brushed over the sore spot. He made a noise in the back of his throat, and before I knew it, he was carrying me back to the house. My arms automatically went up to his shoulders. He walked with me cradled in his arms as if I weighed no more than a child. I was pretty sure I didn’t have brain damage, so the rush of blood to all my sweet spots had to be the fact his really big, really strong arms were holding me tightly to his chest.
    “You need some ice,” he ground out between his teeth. I bit my lip to keep from nibbling along his strong jawline. I did need ice, but it was more to cool my body temperature thanks to him, rather than for the bump on my head.
    “Ah, I’m kinda heavy. You can probably put me down now,” I told him when he shifted me a little higher in his arms. I moved my hand down to ready myself for the moment my feet touched the ground, only to feel him shudder under my palm. His gaze connected with mine. His eyes darkened and filled with desire. I sucked in a breath and did it again, running my hand back up his chest, across the side of his neck and stopping against the back of his neck. His eyes didn’t leave mine and a hiss escaped his full lips. The bump on my head was all but a distant memory as the hand he had behind my back moved a little lower then stopped abruptly. I was conflicted. I didn’t

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