Disciplining the Beast: Taming the Beast, Book 5
ugly as hell, my feet, not my former hooves. Becca used Eric’s as the prototype. What can I say, least they work. The best part of me is my cock. Heather makes me cover it when the pizza guy delivers. She doesn’t want him to feel bad because he’s not as hung as I am.”
    Rafael covered his eyes with his hand.
    “Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to show my stuff to you. Wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings either.”
    He groaned.
    Cellophane crinkled. Paper ripped. Daemon belched. “Want a cupcake? I don’t usually share, but I only have two minutes to eat the rest of my snack before I’m back on the clock. Don’t know if I can finish that quickly. Here.”
    He slid a cupcake to Rafael.
    Heather popped in. “Daemon, no.”
    He froze. “What? I didn’t belch. Okay, I did once, but it didn’t bother him. He was okay as soon as I promised not to show him my rod. I did good, right?”
    “Perfect. Except for this.” She put the cupcake back on Daemon’s side. “No sharing with him. Not after what he did to Wynona.”
    Rafael held up his hands. “I didn’t do anything I wasn’t supposed to.”
    Daemon pushed a Quarter Pounder into his mouth, swallowed, and stifled a belch. His nostrils flared. “What happened? Did Stefin put you up to something? He’s had some damn cool ideas about the reaper. Shooting her off in a rocket. Digging to the center of the earth, dropping her in, and building a skyscraper over the hole. Blindfolding and then shanghaiing her to the far corners of the universe without a map so she can never find her way back.”
    “Stop it.” Heather smacked his shoulder. “Please.” She stroked the spot she’d hit. “Rafael kissed her.”
    “Get out. You’re a brave man. Some might say crazy, considering.”
    Rafael bristled. “Because she’s a reaper?”
    “Isn’t that enough?”
    “Maybe you people should be nicer to her. In fact, as her parole officer, I’m insisting on it.”
    “Nicer, like kissing her as you did?” Daemon’s cheeks puffed out. He slapped his hand over his mouth. “Sorry, but even the thought makes me want to hurl. Hanging out with MJ is bad enough, but a reaper too?” He shuddered.
    Rafael frowned at Heather. “You’re the good one here. Tell him to be nice to Wynona.”
    “I’d like to, really.”
    “Then do it.”
    She sucked her lower lip. “How nice?”
    Poor girl was as clueless as the others here. “Verbally nice, not physically. No need to kiss or touch, ever.”
    If any guy was going to enjoy Wynona, it’d be him, long, hard, and thoroughly.
    The room whirled. He gripped the table and lowered his face.
    Heather touched his shoulder lightly. “You okay?”
    No. The effects from his and Wynona’s kiss had returned with full force. Her glorious touch, the way she’d sagged against him. Not because she had to. She hadn’t seemed able to help herself.
    He’d lost control as easily. Part of his reaction was naked lust, but the greater portion was a longing to be close, connect, lose himself within her stunning heat, her incomparable fragrance.
    Too bad all that cool stuff belonged to a rebel reaper. Worse, his charge. He’d had no right to overstep his bounds with her. He should have made her ass off-limits, ignored her precious nipples poking his chest, and kept their French kissing to a minimum. No more than a couple minutes tops. What had he been thinking?
    Heels clicked in the hall. He looked over. Becca stopped in the doorway.
    Daemon shoveled food into his mouth with both hands. “I’ll be through in a sec.”
    “No rush. But would you mind finishing at Heather’s desk? I’d like to have a word with Rafael alone.”
    Great. Now, Becca would come down on him when the hugging and kissing had been her idea.
    Heather and Daemon cleared out quickly.
    Steeling himself, Rafael waited for the worst.
    Becca closed the door and sat next to him. “I heard what happened. How could you? I mean, you’re supposed to be one of the good guys. You

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