Diving In
just curious about it, that’s all. I
know you haven’t fucked anybody, but what’s the farthest you’ve
gone? You had two years of high school where I wasn’t around to
protect you, what’d you let ‘em get away with?”
    I laugh lightly at that. Of course he would
think about it that way. In his mind, every man on earth is waiting
with bated breath for the opportunity to catch me off guard so they
can nail me. Where he gets these crazy ideas, I’ll never know.
    “Come on,” he playfully pushes. “What’s the
most you’ve done?”
    “Third, I guess,” I weakly answer, my voice
quiet and shy.
    “Somebody went down on you?!” He asks with
eyebrows raised in surprise.
    “I thought third was … touching,” I
    “For you, maybe,” he shrugs and gives me a
cheeky smile. “For dudes I think that falls into the second base
    “Well how do you define that scale? What
stands for what in your baseball analogy?” I inquire. “I’ve always
learned it as French, feel, finger, fuck. What are you going
    “I’ve heard that one too, but we always said
finger counted for feel and that third was actually oral,” he
    “Oh, ok, then second, by that scale,” I
    “So, you let somebody finger you, huh?” he
says with overplayed disapproval.
    “Two guys, actually,” I add with a defiant,
smart-ass smirk.
    “Two?! That kills me, Lo!” He smiles, leaning
his head back against the couch like he’s devastated. “You liked it
so much you had to do it twice?”
    “Well, um, no, not really,” I timidly
    “You didn’t like it?” he asks
    “No, I mean, it was cool and all, it just
wasn’t anything to write home about. Nothing too special,” I
    “So, I take it you didn’t come,” he says.
    “I don’t think so,” I bashfully respond.
    “Don’t think so? What do you—how could you
not know?” he says with bemusement. “Unless … Lola, have you ever
had an orgasm?”
    “It’s getting late and I’m tired,” I say, my
cheeks flushing beet red as I stand up from the couch.
    “Hey, hey,” he says, grabbing my wrist and
playfully tugging me back down. “Come on, answer my question.”
    “Does any of this matter in the grand scheme
of things?” I say, still not answering. “What does it matter if I
have or haven’t? That question is so not important.”
    “It’s important to me,” he says, trying to be
patient and sweet as he coaxes this out of me. He pulls me onto his
lap so I’m straddling him and he tucks my hair behind my ear. “Just
tell me, hmm?”
    I take a deep breath and look down, not
wanting to meet his gaze as I subtly nod my head.
    “Never?” he asks, shock still plastered
across his face.
    “No,” I murmur.
    “Not even by yourself?” he continues to
    “No. Jesus Christ! Why are we even talking
about this?” I whine.
    “You know where you’re supposed to touch,
right?” he teases.
    “I’ve taken health class, yes,” I snap,
trying to keep from erupting in embarrassed giggles.
    “And you just can’t make it happen?”
    “Un-fuckin’-believable!” He loudly
    “Great, now my best friend who fucks for a
living gets a good laugh from the fact that I’ve never had an
orgasm” I roll my eyes with a smirk as I move to get away from
    “I’m sorry,” he snickers, pulling me back and
holding me to his lap. “I’m totally sorry. I shouldn’t laugh or
anything. I’m not trying to make you feel weird about it. I just …
wow! I can’t fuckin’ believe you’ve never come before! You get so
turned on and it seems like it wouldn’t be that hard for you to get
    As if I wasn’t pink enough, now he has to
bring up my indiscreet arousal! Several months ago, James and I
fooled around a little bit back at my house and he told me that my
nipples were the dead giveaway for how turned on I was because they
got hard really quickly. Apparently, he finds this

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