Done With Love

Done With Love by Niecey Roy Read Free Book Online

Book: Done With Love by Niecey Roy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Niecey Roy
Tags: Romance
gorgeous. But really, a little overkill on the do-me-I’m-easy vibe. Her swimsuit was the only thing I could find wrong with her.
    My heart beat a furious staccato in my chest. Running would draw attention to myself, which left only one option.
    I placed a hand on the top of my hat and rolled over, right off of the lounge chair and straight into the pool in what I hoped was a graceful and soundless move. The splash before my head went under told me otherwise, but I was drunk and in denial, which was my right, after all. I had come alone on purpose—I could do whatever the hell I wanted.
    The problem with my plan was that I would have to come up for air soon. So, I did what any desperate woman would do—I popped the hat out of the water just enough to let air into the cap of the hat. I shoved my nose and mouth up into the air pocket and gulped air like a fish out of water through the thin woven straw. If I could stay underwater like this for a few minutes longer, Leo and his hooker would be gone. I’d been torturing myself with cardio for years; surely I could tread water for a few minutes with my neck craned like this. No big deal. I so got this.
    But treading water while using a sun hat for a breathing apparatus was much more difficult than it had sounded in my head. Under the hat, the seconds ticked by slowly. My legs were getting tired. Stupid rum.
    There was a splash, and then a pair of strong arms encircled me, sliding around my body like wet satin, pulling me against warm, solid steel. Exhausted and drunk, I let my body go lax, let myself drift around him like seaweed tightening around the limbs of an unsuspecting swimmer. I swear, it was as if my body was attuned to Leo’s, whether I wanted it to be or not.
    “Lexie, open your eyes.” The low tone of his voice reverberated through my body, hit me deep in my chest, all the way down to curl my toes.
    I shook my head. “ Uh-uh .”
    “Lexie, open your eyes.”
    “Nope,” I said. Maybe I was lightheaded from treading water with my makeshift snorkel. Or maybe it was because the man I had dreamed about for too many years held me again. And this grown up version of Leo was bigger, stronger, and smelled a whole hell of a lot better than any memory I’d ever had, and much better than any man I’d been with since. I’d had a taste of Leo way back when, and that part of me was all over him right now.
    You are a drunken disaster. Wasn’t this exactly what being on a Caribbean island was all about? Being drunk and smashed up against a sexy man in a swimming pool, barely clothed. Every part of him was hard… every part.
    I kept my eyes closed and pretended that in our past lives he wasn’t the guy whose very existence was my undoing. Or…
    Maybe this really is a dream? Maybe with the stress of my botched wedding, I’d taken to imagining the one man in the entire world I had always wanted more than anything or anyone else for so many years. In his absence, I had learned to live without him, until it had become a dormant longing bursting out like fire licking across my skin.
    “Lexie.” His voice rolled across my backbone, and I sucked in a breath of air.
    I shook my head again—if this was a dream, I didn’t want to open my eyes and wake up. This dream was nice and warm—and sexiest I’d had in awhile.
    “Fine. You leave me no choice,” he growled.
    The gruff, irritated tone of his voice should have been a warning, but his lips against mine still shocked me. I went stiff in his arms, but only for a second, because—and I’d be mortified about it later—he tasted so damn good, my legs clenched around him so I could feel him pressed tight against me.
    Kissing him was as it had always been—hot, passionate, mind-blowing. Confusing. The way his lips moved over mine, gently nudging mine apart, kissing me like a man starved of his favorite dessert, made my heartbeat trip over itself.
    I stopped thinking. I pressed myself to him as if it were as natural as

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