Dream Girl Awakened

Dream Girl Awakened by Stacy Campbell Read Free Book Online

Book: Dream Girl Awakened by Stacy Campbell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stacy Campbell
tired of it.The calls from high schools around Indianapolis for him to speak, the luncheons where he served as guest of honor, always bringing home trophies and awards, and the donations he rained on every civic organization known to mankind wearied her. Why couldn’t they just be alone, enjoy his success and his money on a smaller scale? Why did she have to share him with everyone? She was content being home with Alva, Nicolette, and shopping. Now he was gearing up to tell another story about some downtrodden soul who would struggle to get a GED in hopes of being like him.
    â€œWhere’s your sensitivity, babe? This is about someone we know.” Winston rubbed her leg, hoping she’d soften and get over herself. “James was in an accident tonight. I was with Aruba at the hospital.”
    â€œAre you serious? What happened?” Engaged in his words, she moved closer to Winston.
    â€œLuckily, it was a sideswipe. He was with someone else and left Jeremiah at home. I think you should call Aruba and find out how they’re doing.”
    â€œWell, that’s typical. I told her a long time ago to get rid of him, but noooo, she’s holding on for dear life to a marriage that’s not worth saving.” She reared back on the couch and continued her ranting. “She’s a pretty enough woman to get a better man than James. I mean, she probably couldn’t get someone like you, but she doesn’t have to struggle the way she does. There’s no way I’d be with a man that broke and out of touch with reality.”
    â€œIs that so, Tori?”
    Victoria’s damage control efforts kicked in. “What I meant was she’s a hardworking person who deserves more. Do you understand what I mean?”
    â€œWhat I understand is that you’ve been staring at Heywood-Wakefield items too long. Go call your friend, Tori.”
    â€œOkay, Winston. I’ll call in a few minutes.”
    â€œNicolette knocked out? Did Alva have a hard time getting her down tonight?”
    â€œShe’s tired. We went shopping today and she had the quaintest bear constructed at Build-A-Bear. She’s been asleep for an hour.”
    Winston left the media room and entered Nicolette’s room, exhausted. He kissed Nicolette’s forehead, acknowledging her as his center, his sanity. The love he had for her surpassed the craziness of life with Victoria. Tori couldn’t be satisfied and he didn’t know how to appease her anymore. She complained about everything. Lately, the nagging took on a life of its own. The house was too small. “I deserve more than seven-thousand square feet .” The cars weren’t new enough. “Every Kobe, 50 Cent, and Shaq can get a Range Rover and a Mercedes. I want a Bentley.” She whined about a new ring. “I know you’re not Kobe, but can I at least have four carats? Harry Winston is calling my name.” His practice wasn’t visible enough. “If Ian Smith can host a show, why don’t you?” Seeing Nicolette made it all worthwhile, reminded him of why he chose to work hard so his family wouldn’t need or want for anything. He watched her napping, her chest rising and falling with soft breaths. He touched her hands and smiled. “Rest, daddy’s girl. I love you.”
    Winston dragged to their bedroom, removed his clothes, and jumped in the shower. He wanted to wash away Victoria’s voice, his discontentment of late, his thoughts of Aruba. He wondered how Aruba was doing, if things had turned out okay with James and their situation. He wondered how he could be there for her more, and what he needed to do to concentrate on his own union.

It’s Generational
    â€œM omma, I’m just asking you to come get me in the morning! I’ve been in an accident. I’m at Methodist.” Tawatha steadied her cell phone in one hand as she turned to secure the ties on the back of her hospital

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