Duende by E. E. Ottoman Read Free Book Online

Book: Duende by E. E. Ottoman Read Free Book Online
Authors: E. E. Ottoman
Tags: Fantasy, M/M romance, Mechanical Universe
felt like under his hands and mouth.
    "Does it disgust or arouse you that I am not the size of a normal man?" Aimé said, chin up, shoulders squared as if for a blow.
    Badri kissed him then, with all the passion and longing he could muster. "You arouse me," he said when they pulled apart. "All of you, not merely the size of your cock." Aimé seemed to melt a little against him, pressing close enough that Badri was sure he could feel Badri's own hard length against his hip.
    "I've had lovers who refused to sleep with me after seeing me naked," Aimé said, "and others who took a little too much pleasure in the fact that my cock is like that of a boy and not a man's."
    "You are a man." Badri cupped his face gently. "And I desire you as one."
    Their lips met, wet, lazy, and slow, with lips, tongue, and teeth. "Take off your clothes," Aimé said finally, drawing away to pluck at the front of Badri's jacket.
    Badri shucked off his clothes as quickly as possible—hard to do with so many layers and tiny fastenings, but he managed. The open hunger in Aimé's gaze as it raked across Badri's naked body was well worth it, though, not to mention a boost to his ego.
    "God, you're just so ..." Aimé's fingers skimmed across the muscles of his arms, down his chest and well-defined abdomen. Aimé's fingers wrapped around Badri's cock, and Badri groaned, hips moving forward and eyes sliding shut. Aimé stroked him several times before letting go. "You are beautiful."
    Badri opened his eyes and looked down at Aimé.
    "Truly." Aimé's expression was serious. "Your body is a work of art."
    "I..." Badri didn't really know how to respond to that. He was aware that most considered him attractive, but he'd never really thought of himself as such, focusing more on the function of his body rather than its aesthetic, but if it pleased Aimé, he supposed that was a good thing. "Thank you; I train hard."
    Aimé leaned up so that he could kiss Badri on the lips. Badri's own arms wrapped around Aimé's waist, pulling Aimé up a little, causing his back to arch and drawing them both tight together. Their cocks rubbed against each other. The head of Badri's cock was already wet with his arousal. He could feel pre-seed beading there as he rubbed against Aimé's small member. He reached between the two of them to wrap his fingers around both their cocks, using his thumb to rub his own slickness down over them. Aimé groaned, pressing in close and thrusting into Badri's hand.
    "I want..." Badri let go of them before he got too badly distracted. "I want to watch you on that." He nodded his head towards the stool. "What do you call it, anyway?"
    "Erotic furniture."
    Badri was pretty sure Aimé was blushing, and on him, it was almost unbearably attractive. It was almost enough to distract him from what they were talking about. With difficulty, Badri focused at the matter at hand: namely, the very fine piece of erotic furniture.
    "That seems like a lot to say." Badri raised one eyebrow skeptically.
    "Chair?" Aimé offered.
    "I want to see you fuck yourself on the chair." Badri leaned in close, letting his mouth brush the curve of Aimé's ear, and Aimé nodded a little jerkily.
    He turned away, back to the cabinet by the bed. When he turned back, he was holding a glass bottle that Badri assumed contained the slick. Aimé stopped next to Badri, leaning into him for a moment and nuzzling his neck before stepping back. He opened the bottle, pouring some of the oil into his hand before reaching behind his body. Aimé sucked in his breath, eyes briefly fluttering shut before he knelt and rubbed the rest of the slick along the wooden toy.
    Badri knelt by the chair as Aimé lined up the tip of the toy with his hole and began to lower himself down slowly. Badri's breath caught. He'd seen his own cock disappear into partners' bodies, but never from this angle, never watched anyone be penetrated by a toy like this. He watched, fascinated, as the girth of the toy parted Aimé's

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