Edwina and the Seven Snowed-in Scientists

Edwina and the Seven Snowed-in Scientists by Rachel Clark Read Free Book Online

Book: Edwina and the Seven Snowed-in Scientists by Rachel Clark Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rachel Clark
said, taking her hand and stripping off the thick
    snow coat she wore, “that chopper is not searching. They seem to

    Rachel Clark
    know exactly where we went down. My guess is they’ve come to
    finish the job.”
    “What?” she asked in a tone that suggested Jake had lost his mind.
    “Trust me, princess,” Kieran said as he dragged off his own easily
    seen clothes, “this is one helicopter you want to avoid.”
    Kieran made a pile of their clothing and supplies and quickly
    buried them under a mound of snow. If the helicopter didn’t land,
    most of their stuff was safe. If it did land, they would probably have more serious problems than a few wet supplies anyway. Edwina
    looked on the verge of panic.
    “I don’t believe you!” She screamed the words a moment before
    she ran straight toward the approaching helicopter and started waving her arms frantically. Within moments the helicopter spotted her and
    headed to her location. For one second Kieran hesitated, divided on
    whether she was safe or not. If whoever sabotaged her helicopter was
    really after him and Jake, then maybe finding Edwina alive would be
    a way to learn where the brothers were. If she gave the right story, she may even be considered the victim.
    A million other scenarios ran through his head, but only one
    thought remained when he heard the noise of a rifle shot.
    Kieran saw Calvin a moment before his brother grabbed Edwina,
    pushed her into the snow and covered her completely. Even knowing
    where they were and able to hear Edwina’s pissed off screaming, it
    was difficult to see them in the snow. He turned to Jake, stripping off the rest of his clothes even as he moved. Jake had already shifted, and Kieran wasn’t far behind.
    Completely white and camouflaged by the snow, Kieran prayed
    that the helicopter would think they’d spotted clothes, not movement, and continue on its way.

    * * * *

    Edwina and the Seven Snowed-in Scientists
    Edwina was being held facedown by something that was large,
    furry and—judging by the hard rod pressing against her ass—
    probably male. She tried to scream for help as the helicopter landed, but the hairy thing above her growled, and she decided, very wisely,
    to shut up.
    The snow quickly soaked through her thin clothes, especially now
    that she was without Kieran’s snow jacket. But the warmth the
    creature was generating above her felt like it came from a space
    heater. It was kind of like backing up to an open fire and sticking her tits in the freezer at the same time. She giggled hysterically as the reality of her situation began to sink in—person in a helicopter trying to kill her, snow trying to give her frostbite, and strange growly
    creature probably getting ready to eat her as soon as the other threats passed.
    A furry warm appendage wrapped around her face and covered
    her mouth. Surprise held the hysteria at bay as she finally realized that the creature above her was definitely not acting like an animal.
    Unsure what that meant, and not entirely certain she hadn’t lost her
    mind, she nevertheless submitted to the creature’s wishes and lay still and stayed quiet. She almost smiled at the quiet purring she could
    hear and feel against her back and sincerely hoped that was a happy
    sound. Hysteria tried to make a comeback as she wondered if she was
    about to be suffocated by a very large family cat, but then the thing across her mouth moved to caress her cheek and she once more
    realized that no matter what this thing was, it wasn’t going to harm her—not yet at least.

    * * * *

    Calvin lay over the top of Edwina, shielding her from discovery.
    With his white fur he was completely camouflaged in the snow, but if
    she didn’t stay quiet, they would be discovered, and that was
    something he really, really hoped never happened. He didn’t want

    Rachel Clark
    anybody discovering evidence of shape-shifters. At the moment they
    were simply the stuff of legend, and he had no wish

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